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[ SP Campaign ] ArmA3 - Chapters

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ArmA3 - 2035 Chapters

I. Harbingers


This is the official thread for the single-player campaign entry ArmA3 – 2035 Chapters for the MakeArmaNotWar contest.

Hello fellow ArmA3ists,

at this point I’m calling out for all the talented voice actors out there to take part in the campaign I’m creating and help me with voice overs. Here’s a short list of the [main characters] and the [voice requirements]:

Sgt. Adam Kerry : [main character, player] [American, steady, confident]
-> assigned

Corp. Briggs: [ Afro-American, maybe slang ]

-> assigned

Corp. Walsh: [ American/Brit ]

-> assigned

Sgt. O’Sullivan: [brit]

-> assigned

Colonel Reed: [American]

-> assigned

Captain Simons: [American]

-> assigned

Costas: [broken (greek) English]

-> still needed

Spiros: [broken (greek) English]

-> still needed

UPDATE: This entry didn't make it into the contest evaluation but will be accomplished either way!

Along the way there will be a few side roles (one-liners) which can be taken by the main character voice actors or some enthusiastic guys (maybe YOU!). If you’re interested let me know by private message. I will send you an email for further communication and some sample dialogues for you to do some sample voice acting.

Important note: I’m explicitly pointing out that any voice acting done for this campaign/contest entry will get credits in the missions but you transfer all the rights on the recordings to me and resign from making any demands on rewards or contest prize sharing. This is important to keep to the rules of the contest or if I don’t get the campaign finished/don’t win the contest.

I will also make an announcement in the forum’s voice actors group and thread and refer to this forum post so every potential voice actor reads and confirms these conditions.

If you don’t want to participate to these conditions feel free to comment or email me in a reasonable manner.

Cheers guys.

MakeArmaNotWar - 2035 Chapters

Twitter - 2035 Chapters

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