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[coop][cti] combat assault

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Make arma not war entry

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Combat Assault is a multiplayer game that can be played solo or in teams. The objective is to free the ALTIS island gradually of the enemy occupation by cleaning areas. If during the fighting, the enemy wins then it will expand its zone of occupation. Players embodies the forces of the West. They have early access to all the equipment of infantry forces. To move, players must choose the location on map where they appear. Each of their deaths, allowing them to select a new place. Some specifical goal, also allow players to unlock vehicles allies to re conquer the map faster.


  • New kind of game, players have to think tactical with a map grid
  • Players have access to all infantry equipments
  • Players happens directly in the zone where they want to fight
  • AI were balance as strong as human
  • Combat Assault uses some Warcontext feature of ARMA1, ARMA2 (warcontext, liberate island, war in takistan mission)
  • Game logic and performance - the mission was developped in a new orientend object langage that permit to give new kinds of functions


At first, you can play an exclusive ALPHA version on the "COMBAT ASSAULT" official server. This mission doesn't require any addons, and the access to the server is opened for everybody. The full mission avalaible for none official servers will be release at the end of ARMA NOT WAR SUBSCRIPTION.

You can also join us on our teamspeak server: ts3.combat-assault.eu


Hi mates,

Im proud to announce our return on multiplayer game development through this MAKE ARMA NOT WAR challenge. I hope, you will have fun with our mission cause we are working hard on it :cool: Try it , and ask us for features if you want, we will try to make them happens.

We also need your help to go over 100 supporters, so if you like this game and want to support it, support us on the official BIS website at this page


Thanks, and good luck at all the MANW challengers


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thxs you :D i hope to see you in Game ;-) it s an alpha version, all features are not yet avalaible

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Hello everyone,

I would like first of all to apologize because I was not able to provide further during recent days. I had a lot of software and hardware problems that forced me to change over almost all of my computer.

I just build up my new machine, which will allow me to re start developing. Hoping you will like the next updates and they will be sufficiently innovative and interrestingto talk about them around you. I will also try to find a little more time to explain more about the game mode, and how to influence it.

Do not hesitate to share your game experiences, and the options that you would like added.

Tell you one thing though, I'm back in the "make arma not war" competition, and I intend to weigh :)


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Hi guys,

A huge Work was done since the first release of this mission. In few hours, i will release the 0.400 version.

A big parts of events context were done and were added to the package. if you are interested by this game, i can invite you, just add me to your steam contacts: levraicode34 and be ready.

We organise each days new game, with new players. It is so fun that we are very excited to share the game with news players.

Come to see us, play with us and will give you back a nice gift: play to arma3 like you never feel :)

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