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Remove stamina

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First of all, I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this subject and i'd like you to tell me where to put it if it's not the correct place.

A bunch of friend and I decided to host our own server to try out some mission in coop, we hosted the serv on our own machine (using the TADST software) but we realized that the stamina / fatigue system is ruining our gameplay (at least for us, don't bother to say it's realistic, bla bla).

So I looked up on the internet to find a way out to remove this and find 0 addon, mod, ... to remove it.

I discover a mod called Improved Stamina (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25496&highlight=IMPROVED%2BFATIGUE) but it doesn't help to remove completly stamina so i decided to create mine but i find 0 on how to structure it.

Right now what i have done :

A single file : init.sqf containing :

while {true} do {

player setFatigue 0;

sleep 3;


This file is inside an "Addon" folder which is inside my @RemoveFatigue folder, this looks like that




I put it on Arma3 steamapps folder but it's not working.

Am i doing something wrong on my code ?

Thanks for the help :)

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Thank you for your help but this isn't exactly what i need. We want to use the premade coop mission in the game (like the mission where you have to kill 3 officer or the one where you have to escape from stratis) but without the fatigue.

If i understand correctly there is two different things :

- Script : that's the thing that you add on a mission, only the server need it since on the mission

- Mod : this is a gameplay modification, the server and the player both need to have it otherwise player won't connect to the server.

What i need is a mod who give me the ability to remove fatigue.

Hope you understand

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Then can you confirm that what i'm doing is correct or please give a tips on how to do it ?

There is literraly nothing to help us beginning in mod creation on the net.

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Nimrod_Z's line is exactly what you are looking for, regardless of the mission or mod you are playing. Replace your while true do block with that line and it will disable fatigue. If you are trying to, say, ease the slope of fatigue, you will need to edit cfgFatigue (I -think-, but I haven't gotten into that brush fire yet) in a mod. I don't think this is what you are attempting to do.

init.sqf is not for a mod, it is for a mission. Placing an init.sqf inside a mod folder will do exactly nothing.

The init.sqf should go in the folder of your mission before you compile it.

Another way to do this would be to enable debug tools on the server or map, hit escape and enter 'player enablefatigue false' into the code box in the menu and hit the middle, 'global execute' button, which will execute that line on every client, thus solving your issue.

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