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FFAA MOD (Spanish Army Mod)

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Hi all,

The FFAA mod team is proud to present our participation on the Make Arma Not War contest. Let us explain what's FFAA mod is about.

The FFAA mod provide the game a big amount of units of the Spanish army force including ground, air and maritime units with vanilla features but higher quality. With more than 10 years developing for the ArmA community we finally present the most modern and ambitious project we have, focusing on new HD textures, ambient oclussion techniques, brand new models, remodelled of old assets from previous versions and a bunch of new features you will discover.

Also you will be able to test our EOD Pack, featuring the RG31 with EOD arm and mine rollers, the Husky 2G mine detection vehicle, the EOD Robot and much more to come, which combined with our logistics pack, including VAMTAC series, trailers, VEMPAR trucks, recovery vehicles, etc... could make a nice new gameplay situation for those convoys along Altis or our brand new island, Fortisventu, also coming in the future.

Accurate flight models will be included for our air content... starting on the AS532 Cougar as transport helicopter, going trought the Chinook, the Airbus Helicopter NH-90 or the Tiger attack helicopter... all of them with detailed interior models and weapon systems.

We have stated before on our development topic or on our roadmap plans we will present our 6.0.2 version + a special version for the MANW contest. So concerning at the Make Arma Not War contest we will introduce the following addons at the contest:

- Weapons and Accessories pack, with more than 50 models, featuring a bunch of G36 Variants, the MG4, the Ameli and much more.

- All Static weapons of Spanish FFAA

- A detailed Units pack, featuring BRILAT, MOE and FAMET, all with desert and woodland camo.

- Santana Aníbal 4x4 car

- The known RG-31 MRAP.

- URO Vamtac S3 vehicles (Vehículo de Alta Movilidad Táctica) with 7 different models.

- Our first Armored vehicle VCI (ASCOD) Pizarro with detailed interior and exterior model.

- CH47D Troops transport helicopter with Desert and Woodland camo (rapel and cargo functions)

-LCM-1E, an amphibious mechanized landing craft

-Duarry Supercat boat

- C130 Hercules

Also we have a feedback tracker allow us to fix all bug detected by players, a useful tool you can check (and report, if It's needed) here.

This project couldn't be done with the efforts and support by you, the ArmA community and we have a clear objective, reach at the maximum users we can. In this way the players can enjoy our content and we will be happy to know that all of them are enjoying our work. At the first moment we find well at the MANW contest a good way to reach at a bigger number of players so we decided to take part in this contest.

So if you want to support us on our project you can do it by voting us on our entry here (click the following link):



You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only. This add-on is meant for ARMA 3 game platform by Bohemia Interactive only. Any commercial or military use is strictly forbidden without permission from the author.

This mod is released under:

Creative Commons Licence



Feel free to ask about this mod/entry on this topic, we will answer as soon as possible.

FFAA Mod Team


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Good presentation, I wish all the team the best of luck.

( loving those UROs and the Pizarro )

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1. The mission must have a game logic called "FFAA RAPEL" synchronized with the units.

2. The units must have a rope, there are some ropes in the ch47 inventory.

3. The rappel option should be displayed when the ch47 is stabilized at 20-30 meters approx.

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I I recommend that the units speak Spanish, as the mod RHS: Escalation that the units Russians speak Russian, logic :p

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