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King Of The Hill Mission conquest

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Hi everyone I want to present my first mission King Of The Hill Conquest V1

The mission is multiplayer and sides BLUFOR vs Opfor is grab the flags of the opposing team to reach 5 catches in a time of 20 minutes maximum time to capture flags if not the team with the most wins Capture.



BLUFOR vs Opfor

Menu Seleción car

Single women Menu of equipment and uniform

Single women squad Menu

Car Respawn Menu.

Repair System for air and ground vehicles.

Steerable parachute system (occupants)

Sitema to revive without any fellow physician.

Vart management system for restricted class.

Their menu is automatically charged to enter the realm.

System Tiked for every death.

Accessibility and customization:

No Mod or supplements added.

Everything is used entirely by Dedicated Server mission.

Teamwork and realism:

The whole mission is made in mediated as possible to give the best realism.

Tested and optimized:

Optimized for minimal impact on performance

Scripting oriented so that customers have a perfectly smooth experience server

future added:

System level player

Respawn identifier for each side

Pocket money to buy car parts


Copy the .pbo file to the Mission or MPMission folder in your ArmA 3 install directory. This is by default at (Windows 7) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3.

Contact the author:



This mission is closed



Armaholic mirror:

- King Of The Hill CTF-x

I put the link to my download so fast facilitated DISCHARGE.

Outspoken views, if they see such improvements'm open to accept improvements and ideas, remember that it is the V1 version, which later beareth the final version, as mentioned, I just need time.

The credits of this mission is to give Cassual.Kiss30 as the creator of ideas and assembly, to Icaruk, Barbolani and Tonic

mission can try putting the filter [ES]Zona-Gamer

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