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comunidad cassual arma3

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hi all we introduce ourselves as the Spanish community cassual arma3, where we have several servers arma3, among others, we are a group of gamers as arma3 simulation.

A little about our community, founded in 2003 by a well known player in the game Day Of Defeat Source, where the clan as it was before, was born after all these years became a large community as it is now, with over 120 players from various online games and official clothing store, mostly Spaniards, foreigners like us mexico, usa, etc, but the great Spanish party.

We own you can ask for Ts3 private message besides being public, anyone who wants to connect, always with respect and good royo,

We have game servers that arma3 can search by the name of our community, to make the search easier.

so a big hello to all.

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