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I need help swapping Su-25 model in game for a modified one

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I edited the Su-25 .p3d model (open source) and modified it to change the model to a different variant. What I did was copy and carefully place the B-8M1 rocket launcher pods so there were now four per wing.

I understand the additional 6 pods added would probably have to be textured, but I wanted to see how these pods would look on the aircraft in game. I packed it up and tried to launch in the editor, but for some reason the default Su-25 showed up, even though I temporarily deleted the Su-25.p3d that was in the air_e.pbo, and replaced it with the modified one..

Here is a detailed list of what I have done, so maybe somone could show me the correct way to include this modified file.

-Unpbo'd an open source Su-25 and got the Su-25.p3d file.

-imported the Su-25.p3d file into blender and carefully modified it.

-exported the Su-25.p3d back into it's native .p3d format

-unpbo'd the air_e.pbo file in operation arrowhead folder/expansion/addons

-made back up of original file, temporarily moved air_e.pbo to different folder.

-replaced Su-25.p3d file with the same name, but modified file that I created.

-packed the file into new air_e.pbo

-placed new air_e.pbo into operation arrowhead/expansion/add ons folder.

ran game, went into editor, made su-25, but it was the old, original file!


my goal is to see how it looks, copy the texture from original B-8m1 pods to new ones, then configure script to alternate rockets to fire from opposite pod pairs, (i.e. left #1 and right #1 fire . then left #2 and right #2 fire.. etc.)

any help would be appreciated.

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