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All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) - A1/A2/OA terrains from BI in A3

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IMPORTANT: Upload to Steam workshop is not allowed! Only CUP will be in the future when ready.


= Note: This project is no longer maintained! =


For details read this post.


Welcome traveler to:


Banner by Tierprot


= What is the 'All in Arma Terrain Pack' =


It allows you to use all your beloved Arma terrains by BI in Arma 3:


By Fabio Chavez


= Feature overview =


  • All BI terrains from A1, A2, OA and its DLCs
  • Allows the use of most community made terrains from A1/A2/OA in A3
  • No waterline bug on most custom terrains (ponds are removed completely as BI has no solution)
  • Makes it possible to port and play game modes/missions from previous Arma titles in A3
  • Preview images in terrain selection
  • New A3 tech lighting and street lamps
  • Adjusted object penetration and impact effects
  • Dust from infantry and vehicle movement
  • Correctly falling walls
  • More organic landscape textures for Chernarus
  • Improved A1 and A2 buildings (WIP)
  • Improved Chernarus grass/clutter (WIP)
  • Undersea life
  • Falling tree sound
  • Fully MP compatible
  • Working save games in SP
  • Works with ZEUS
  • No rpt errors and missing strings
  • Signed version
  • LITE version for improved performance and smaller download
  • Extra standalone data only version and each terrain as separate download
  • Fast and simple all-in-one download via torrent or mega/google drive or Play withSIX
  • Patches provided as separate packages with only changed/new files
  • 7z compressed for smaller and thus quicker download


By Fabio Chavez


= Planned for future updates =



= Promo =


Trailer by EvroMalarkey


Screenshot gallery by Fabio Chavez


= Credits and special thanks to =


  • Tierprot
    • Updated penetration definitions to A3 standards

  • Reyhard (A2 Island Fixes)
    • Vehicle dust
    • Lights at night
    • A3 penetration & particles effects
    • Falling walls
    • Railways & pavements have physx geometry
    • Fixed powerwires strange collapse
    • Added penetration materials to few buildings
    • Fixed white tree bug on Bystrica
    • Fixed indestructible gates

  • soju
    • Surface settings including friction
    • Correct impacts for surfaces
    • Mix of A3 and A2 environment effects
    • Small box in the upper left while playing caused by ACRE(1) removed

  • EvroMalarkey
    • Preview images in terrain selection for the most BI A1 terrains

  • Pansyfaust
    • Improved A2 cementworks buildings (penetration, fire geometry, working lamps, transparent and breakable windows)
    • Improved A2 road signs (higher detailed A3 road sign models and higher quality textures)
    • Improved A2 Revised Lamps (lighting, destruction)
    • Improved NAV Lighthouses (lighting, flare, timing)
    • Improved Stoplights (lighting)


= Changelog =




  • Added: Make streetlamps emit light again at night time.
  • Added: Update surface definitions with new A3 parameters (particle effects and more).
  • Added: Update penetration definitions to A3 standard.
  • Added: Make vehicles and infantry to raise dust from movement for specific surfaces.
  • Added: Customized environmental soundscape.
  • Added: Add wildlife to terrains.
  • Fixed: Make walls fall over correctly again.



  • Added: More organic landscape textures for Chernarus.
  • Added: Preview images in terrain selection for the remaining BI terrains.
  • Changed: Reverted clutter distance back to 50 meters as default setting (BI terrains remain at 125 meters).
  • Changed: Update North Sahrani grass to the Arma 1 1.09 version.
  • Changed: Alphabetic ordering in terrain selection.
  • Fixed: Missing object textures.
  • Fixed: Faulty Buildings2 setup.
  • Fixed: Faulty CBA dependency.
  • Fixed: Reverted problematic Satellite texture tweaks.
  • Fixed: Inheritance of DC3 plane.



  • Added: Integrate SMD buildings.
  • Added: Improve cementworks buildings.
    • Adjusted: Penetration materials and fire geometeries on most models.
    • Changed: Plastic lamps are now proper functioning A3 Lamps.
    • Fixed: Windows in Ind_Vysypka are now transparent, and can be shot through.
    • Fixed: Can no longer shoot through one of the exterior walls in Ind_Vysypka (missing fire geometery).

    [*] Added: Improve road signs.

    • Updated: Road signs now use higher detailed A3 road sign models.
    • Updated: Road signs now have higher quality textures.

    [*] Added: Terrain selection images for remaining A1 worlds.

    [*] Added: Falling tree sound from OFP.

    [*] Added: Missing files for community made terrains.

    [*] Added: Definitions for A1 sounds and music.

    [*] Changed: Adjust brightness of general terrain and Chernarus lighting based on feedback.

    [*] Changed: Chernarus midDetailTexture to the default A3 one [experimental].

    [*] Changed: Reduce flareSizeEyeSun by 50%.

    [*] Changed: Update inheritance for A3 infantry classes.

    [*] Changed: Revert the clutter/grass distance for A1 back to their old values.

    [*] Changed: Disable CfgMods definitions.

    [*] Fixed: All ponds from A2+OA+DLCs removed (again - by mistake a few slipped back in). Might make a few more community made terrains playable without pondline bug!

    [*] Fixed: Unit randomly crouches.

    [*] Fixed: Takistan pumpjacks have no sound.

    [*] Fixed: [AiA TP] Empty groups are visible in the editor.

    [*] Fixed: United Sahrani has the wrong imagine the in terrain selection.

    [*] Fixed: Sara_dbe1 lighting.

    [*] Fixed: Updating base class spam in the top of the rpt.

    [*] Fixed: ACRE(1) is causing a small box in the upper left while playing.



  • Added: Replace A1 buildings with improved SMD variants.
  • Added: A3 style grass in Chernarus.
  • Added: Chernarus summer version (WIP).
  • Added: Customized terrain lighting for desert type terrains.
  • Added: Make more community made terrains support custom lighting.
  • Added: Improved A2 Revised Lamps:
    • Added: Glow Materials to lamps and hide animation upon destruction of bulb.
    • Added: Hitpoints and Direction vertices to lamps.
    • Updated: Sidl type lamps and concrete power line lamp are now based on A3 lamps.

    [*] Added: Improved NAV Lighthouses:

    • Added: Lighthouse now emits light.
    • Added: Lighthouse has a visible flare.
    • Changed: Decreased rotation speed of lighthouse (was: 51deg/s~ | now: 18deg/s).
    • Changed: Lighthouse light would only work at certain periods, is now on for the entire duration of the spin.
    • Updated: Fire geometry was adjusted (materials and LOD).
    • Fixed: Red strobe light on top of lighthouse now emits light properly.

    [*] Added: Improved Stoplights:

    • Added: Animation and glow material for the blinking yellow light.
    • Fixed: Blinking yellow light is now visible again (increased intensity).

    [*] Added: A3 lighting to LHD.

    [*] Added: Set MapSize value for BI and community made terrains.

    [*] Changed: Improved AiA TP compatibility with IFA3SA (make sure to load AiA TP first!).

    [*] Changed: Revert Chernarus midDetailTexture back to the default A2 one.

    [*] Changed: Change surface water color back to default again and leave custom only for Chernarus.

    [*] Changed: Update Signs.pbo to use Signs2.pbo models whenever possible:

    • Updated: Replaced similar models with models from the updated Signs2.pbo.
    • Updated: New textures for Sign_Downhill, Sign_Uphill and Sign_Main_End.

    [*] Changed: Disable main menu intros for custom terrains.

    [*] Changed: Disable infinite terrain in Aliabad, Esbekistan, Hazar Kot, Tarin Kot for the time being to stop crashes.

    [*] Changed: Replace door icon with the A3 one.

    [*] Changed: Remove terrain listed in an alphabetic order as it causes issues when terrains are not present.

    [*] Fixed: AiA crashes when loading another terrain.

    [*] Fixed: A1 appartment building is flying.

    [*] Fixed: A1 red and white bar gate is rotated 90°.



  • Changed: Change underwater water color back to default again and leave custom only for Chernarus.
  • Changed: Improved Zeus compatibility (cfgGroups and cfgFactionClasses).
  • Changed: Replace door icon with the A3 one.
  • Fixed: Aliabad and Esbekistan still have screwed up the sky textures.
  • Fixed: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgFactionClasses.GUE'.
  • Fixed: disabled light reflectors n Land_Ind_Mlyn_02 as model seems to lack the definitions.

2015-01-01 Hotfix


  • Added: A3 style grass in ACR terrains.
  • Changed: set author to BI terrains.
  • Changed: tweaked Utes' clutter.
  • Changed: Summer Chernarus has now its own map preview.
  • Fixed: crash in Chernarus/terrain with A2 structures due to faulty texture.
  • Fixed: A1 terrain crashes due to map grid definitions.
  • Fixed: EnvSounds for Takistan, Zargabad and Takistan (cut out).

Click the link to the view the full changelog.


= Download and play =



The new version is a full update. Delete the old @AllInArmaTerrainPack[Lite] modfolder first.

AiA TP 2015-01-01 Full (6.4 GB):


AiA TP LITE 2015-01-01 Full (1.9 GB) - low quality textures for better performance, smaller download and servers:


AiA TDP 2015-01-01 Full (5.0 GB) - data only pack along with single download for each terrain:


This is an incremental update for 2014-10-18.

So extract the new data over the existing and overwrite it.

All bisign files available here: https://dev.withsix.com/projects/all-in-arma/files

As Play withSIX user the program will download the update and apply it automatically.

AiA TP 2015-01-01 Patch (135 MB)

AiA TP LITE 2015-01-01 Patch (91 MB)


This is an incremental update for 2015-01-01.

So extract the new data over the existing and overwrite it.

As Play withSIX user the program will download the update and apply it automatically.

AiA TP 2015-01-01 Hotfix 1 (99 MB)

AiA TP LITE 2015-01-01 Hotfix 1 (99 MB)

AiA TDP LITE 2015-01-01 Hotfix 1 (99 MB)


# Server keys #


Available at:



= How can you assist =


If you want to help with this project, you can do so in many ways:

  • Try it and play it
  • If you like it, tell your friends or reddit
  • Promote it with screenshots or videos
  • Join the Community Upgrade Project to help further improve it
  • Give feedback and report issues (see howTo first)
  • Vote in the Arma 3 feedback tracker for AiA related issues: #15587 and #12659
  • Anything else you can think of being useful

Feel free to contact me by PM or mail, if you want to contribute. :)


= License =


CC BY-NC-SA 4.0: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

APL-SA: Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)

This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike:



= Frequently asked questions =




Q: What are the improvements over A3MP?

A: Please read the feature list above. In general it is considerably more advanced.

Q: Do I still need AiA TP when I have AiA SA?

A: No. AiA TP is part of AiA SA.

Q: Does it need any other mods? / Do I need the older games installed to use this? Like with AiA?

A: No - this mod is completely standalone.

Q: Can I use missions from A3MP with AiA TP?

A: Yes. No changes needed.

More details: Both use the same class names; as such the terrain extensions and mission names are the same.

Q: Can I use missions from A1/A2/OA with AiA TP?

A: You need to replace all the old units/weapons/vehicles in the mission with A3 assets.

As alternative get All in Arma Standalone (AiA SA) instead.



Q: Where is the download from PWS? Why does PWS not have the most recent version?

A: Please have some patience. It will be available sooner than later.

Q: Why does download with SIX Updater not work?

A: SU has been discontinued at the start of this year. Please switch to Play withSIX

and shared collections. Otherwise contact the withSIX support.

Q: The download from Mega does not work or the download gets corrupted.

A: Please try a different browse in the most recent version like Chrome.

If this doesn't help, please use one of the download alternatives.

Q: The torrent is giving me low speed.

A: Probably your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is slowing down peer-to-peer traffic.

Get another ISP ;-) or use one of the download alternatives please.

Q: Please use the service X/Y/Z to host the releases.

A: I have tried various. However the sheer size and traffic left me only with these services.



General advice: Report issues and see howTo first.

Q: I am getting crashes - what to do?

A: Please report them at the A3 feedback tracker. Read their HowTo on crashes first.

Q: I am getting crashes when switching terrains.

Please vote to get BI to fix it: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=20427.

Q: For some terrains the satellite texture is bugged.

A: Please vote to get BI to fix it: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15629.

Q: The community made terrain X/Y/Z still has the waterline bug.

A: Please vote to get BI to fix it: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15579.

AiA TP removes the ponds by replacing them with dummy objects.

However some community made terrains use custom pond objects in their own object packs/pbos.

Q: Does the vegetation block the AI's vision?

A: For A2+OA terrains it should for the most part; however some improvements may still be done.

For A1 terrains it still needs to be added.

Q: A1 objects have shadow bugs or other issues.

A: Please wait for the full SMD Sharani integration.

Q: Why is the infinite terrain disabled?

A: It causes A3 to crash. Please vote to get BI to fix it:


and http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=8973.

Q: Why can't I use terrains from A1/A2/OA with AiA TP in PWS?

A: Sickboy still needs to add a special flag in the program for AiA TP (lite) and release an update of Play withSIX for this to work.

Multiplayer / Servers


Q: Can I mix the standard and LITE version (client/server)?

A: Yes any combination works fine. Only make sure to have for both versions the keys

on the server if you use the signature system.

Q: Can you make all file names lowercase for Linux servers?

A: Please use the tolower command/tool instead.

One way to get it is to download the A2/OA Linux server package.

On the windows side LupasRename is a simple and efficient tool to mass lowercase files and folders.



Q: Will the TKOH terrains be added to the pack?

A: So far it is not allowed. BI has to release the sources for it.

Q: Will the OFP terrains from BI make an appearance?

A: Maybe as part of OFPIP at some point. Yet for high quality versions CWR2 (terrains) would need to be ported to A3.

Q: Can terrain X/Y/Z made by a community author be added to the pack?

A: Won't happen for many reasons (workload, permissions, size, etc).

However you can also just download them yourself and load them along.

Aside from the potentially lower quality compared to A3 standards and some minor bugs

here and there, the terrains made in A1/A2/OA should still work fine basically.

Q: Why are there three different versions of Sahrani?

A: The South and the United version only include the lower S/W part of Sahrani.

They are part of the pack for mission and campaign compatibility, as well as

the subtle differences and for performance reasons.

Enjoy. :bounce3:

Edited by .kju [PvPscene]
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Interesting, i may take a look at it, as it may be better than A3MP, not sure yet though, i'll wait for PWS version

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@ AngelWingGamingJacob

Check the feature overview.

@ HitmanTwoActual

Thanks - fixed.

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OK now I'm bit confused is there a reason to have both A3MP and this :confused:

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@ St. Jimmy

This is more advanced, has less issues and is backed by the Community Upgrade Project.

In short check the feature overview. :)

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Impressive map pack, .kju! And same question :) What is main difference between A3MP and this?

Edit: hadn't seen your answer. Thanks



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Amazing work, kju! Downloading now. :cool:

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Cheers Kju!

Aside the many different features AiA TP is also available as AiA TP Lite which is a much smaller download/addon folder and gives you a great FPS boost, should be very interessting for people eager to maximize their FPS! :}

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Thank you. Alduric provided us all a great stop-gap. But it's nice to finally see this released in proper form. Good work guys!

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this means that if i want one island ,example Bystrica, i m able to download only bystrica?

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Well done, time to say goodbye to A3MP

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Love to see high quality mods like this , thanks kju .

Though , wondering what takistan mountains is ?

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Great addon, fantastic work by everyone involved.

Care to give any spoilers as to what "This is Real War - this is your story" is about:licklips:

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Fast and simple all-in-one download via torrent or mega/google drive or Play withSIX

I'm not seeing it on PwS. Am I just missing it?

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Excellent! This might be a good replacement for A3MP, as there seems to be alot of improvements integrated and even more coming. Also the lite pack is a perfect idea. I hope that server owners will support all versions, so everyone can have good performance. Is this coming to PWS soon?

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