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[mp co-op 22/ unsung] evolution vietnam pack

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for UNSUNG 2.6

Missions are here:

Unsung Evolution mp co-op 22 players - optimised since release of mod, to prevent mission seizing up halfway through (due to excessive trap laying by the VC)

+Phu Bai mission (needs a makeover)

Armaholic mirror (v1 only atm):
- Evolution Vietnam Pack (@)




Mission pack includes:
Note suggested view distance settings - change these in your T/options menu in-game.
- Evolution - Cao Bang - viewdistance Ground 2500, Air 7000
- Evolution - Lowlands- viewdistance Ground 2500, Air 7000
- Evolution - SEA- viewdistance Ground 1500, Air 4000
- Evolution - Ia Drang Valley- viewdistance Ground 2000, Air 3000 (>3k can cause memory crash to desktop)
- Evolution Phu Bai - viewdistance Ground 1000, Air 2000 - (coming soon)

and some demo missions in the missions folder:
- ambient civs/animals, AI support radio module
- rifle range with all weapons
- unit demo opfor
- unit demo blufor
- vehicle demo (all vehicle units, all weapons, all traps and bunkers)
- SAM battery spawner
- AC47 practice rig

Evolution MP co-op Mission Guide

Don't be an FNG! Read the Mission Guide for people who haven't played unsung evolution 2.6 before (which is kinda everyone at this point):

Classnames list


Unsung 2.6
ACR LITE(if you don't own it already as DLC
CBA_CO for A2OA v1.63



- a whole series of authentic aircraft, with 6 combat role loadouts each, afterburners/thrusters and wheelbrakes, fully functional period carrier
- choppers and planes have shelldrop on all guns - see the brass falling from each door gun, choppers and spotter planes also have smoke, grenades and illumination flares
- authentic choppers, tanks, trucks and jeeps, featuring some incredibly detailed models, effects, textures and sounds that immerse you in the Vietnam conflict.
- 100+ vietnam era weapons, some with working bayonets, 12 types of grenade with different realistic characteristics - life-savers in the jungle!
- Tank, aircraft and artillery ammunition of the era: canister, white phosphorus, APERS-T, Shillelagh, AP-T, HE, HEAT, HEO, Napalm, clustermines and clusterbombs
- All kinds of nefarious punji traps, tripwires, snakes and sharks to harass your patrols.
- Factions include VC, NVA, CIDG, Marine Force Recon, Special Forces Groups, US Infantry and Marines, Artillery, Aircrew, Patrol Boat Riverine crew, and Long Range Recon Patrols.
- 9 stunning new islands - Phu Bai, Mekong Delta, Lowlands, Southeast Asia, MBG Vietnam, Cao Bang, Plei Trap Valley, Ia Drang Valley and Dong Ha.
- Built-in AI speak, use your ears and walk on patrol - don't run or you may overlook a VC sitting in a tree or spiderhole
- Authentic unit clutter (condoms, magazines, flashlights, smokes, manuals of the era, psy-ops pamphlets, bug-spray etc etc)
- Full 3 dimensional warfare - sniper trees, spider-holes, bunkers and tunnels, traps everywhere! Which way should you look? everywhere!
- A fantastic "no-nightvision" war-game experience with soldiers resorting to old school night tactics: flashlights, illumination rounds, flares, trip flares, roving searchlights, vehicle lights and (not to be underestimated) moonlight...
- Unique to Arma 2 - close quarters combat with screw-on silencers, knives, bayonets and rifle butts... sneak up on the enemy and take him out the old fashioned way...
- A huge array of boats to do battle in the many river networks provided

Note on running unsung evolution well:

If you don't own Arma 2 or A2 operation arrowhead Buy Arma2 complete edition (50% off this weekend to coincide with our release!) - this comes with all 3 DLC's and is a bargain... as well as a hassle free install.


setting up a text file to run the mods in steam
Works every time! Guaranteed.

Now to run your mods use this process:

A ) make a new folder in your arma2 install drive called @modfiles\ this is where you will store your mod command lines (I use D drive but set yours accordingly)

B ) make a new text file in your @modfiles\ folder called uns.txt
C ) put this line in it and save it (change the A2 path to yours)

FOR ACR DLC OWNERS (change the path TWICE below for your arma2 and OA folders)

-mod=D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2;expansion;D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\ACR;@CBA_CO;@UNS


-mod=D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2;expansion;@CBA_CO;@UNS

D) in Steam Library, right click on Operation Arrowhead and click Properties then select Set Launch Options and enter this line:
-worldempty -nosplash -nologs -par=D:\@modfiles\uns.txt

-nologs is VITAL for good FPS

Public Unsung Evolution servers

It's quite an involved mod and mission - come and learn tactics and tips with the mod/mission designers...

UK EW------- Bang/SEA --- our main server

Teamspeak for the server
TS IP: ts3.elite-warriors.co.uk
come meet the dev team, hang out, fry some vc


Read the Manual!
Keep viewdistance under 1000m in jungle fighting for high FPS
in Evo use T menu options to alter Air and Land viewdistances
T menu turns grass off also if you're struggling
To turn grass back on, T/ options/ bottom slider >2 / click another menu like Transfer / click close





http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t247/eggbeast/clutter1_zps699a8d06.jpg (535 kB)






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mortyfero99 said:

Evolution missions are really nice.

Btw why they always start at night ? I can't see 5 meters far from my nose ...

they don't, the start time is set in the params by the server admin. maybe you just join the wrong server, or at the wrong time. or maybe i need to identify the server locations better...

even so, darkness is your friend not your enemy. learn to love it.

you have available for night-time:

1. AN/PVS night optic (you spawn with one select it in your action menu and grope your way to nearest light source)

2. MX991 flashlight found in all vehicles and ammo crates

3. pistol/flashlight combo found in ammo crate

4. flare pistol and flares found in many vehicles and ammo crates

5. fire barrels, searchlights at all main bases and in FOB, MASH and FARP

6. mortars and artillery can fire lume rounds

7. vehicles have headlights, many can also can launch a small lume flare, including all trucks, jeeps, ACAVs, choppers and boats

8. T menu / support / illumination - costs 3 points - will illuminate the area for 5-10 minutes

9. some weapons have AN/PVS2 starlight scopes

10. static mgs, jeeps, boats, gunships and tanks have moveable searchlights

11. moonlight - it's actually pretty cool to learn to play with just moonlight - unlike A3 where night seems to have no effect on enemies you can get right up to enemy and stab them.


Jungle Night-fighting ---- it's a whole new game!



static with light and rifle with night scope


illumination round from mortar


bird dog drops lume flares (N key)


pure moonlight hunting


farp and mash and FOB lights + ACAV mounted searchlights (L key)


moonlight hunting using white phos to silhouette enemies


target in sight


flares and searchlights on the gunships


T menu support flares


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multiplayer missions go into a folder called arma 2 operation arrowhead\mpmissions\

single player missions (in the included rar file of demo missions go into arma 2 operation arrowhead\missions\

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Would anyone like to take a stab at why MCC Sandbox only seems to work with the Ia Drang Valley mission ? I've tried to figure out why it doesn't let me log in on the other missions. Without dissecting the Ia Drang Mission (I've looked through the scripts of the SEA mission); is there anything that sets them apart ?

Edited by Fimpen
Spelling error

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well they're the same missions.

so it could be map related - they were all made by different people long ago

i have no idea how MCC SB works sorry.

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well they're the same missions.

so it could be map related - they were all made by different people long ago

i have no idea how MCC SB works sorry.

Right. I'm starting to think it might be a lag problem. If no-one else has the same problem that is. Thanks anyway !

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they can see and hear... so you must use crouch, belly crawl and walk... too many players sprint about then worry the enemy can see through grass.

if you ever played dayZ with the ear/eye monitor on so you could see how easily the zombies could see and hear you, you'll understand how important this is.

the other thing is to keep close together (but not bunched up) with your team-mates

you can then use M79, M60 and grenades and rifles together (as its supposed to be) to wipe out unseen enemies...

we play like this on our server so come in to learn if you need to. we have had a year of beta testing to learn this style of play in the jungle.

we also use helicopters and light planes to attract enemy groundfire, so we can locate the enemy positions easier.

we are seeing on the servers that some guys just cannot hack it, the intensity and stamina required to fight in the jungle, they seem to want long range fighting with DMR and night vision. well nam isn't their calling i guess.

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Yes sometimes when my baby allow me i play with you (nickname mortymer) .. you can remember my ff with m72 backblast 2 days ago :D ..

I really love teamplay !

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ah cool yeah glad youre enjoying it. we were under too much fire to explain that day... the LAW does not actually backblast, but if you fire it, the enemy all target you. this is why we tend to go separate from the group to fire it, then call it "firing LAW at 70 degrees in 20 seconds" then wait 20s so guys can line up to spray suppressing fire on troops near vehicle after your fire, then fire it, then hide to avoid being insta-killed by enemy troops getting out of burning tank etc, and allow friendlies to spray the target area, saving your ass... successful jungle fighting takes a lot of teamwork like this.

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am just starting in on a round of optimisations for the mission pack

then will do phu bai map translation

v3 of missions (cao bang under test first):

- added sa58's to opfor ammo crates

- removed opfor radio from blufor crate

- removed unnecessary arrays from init

- removed some bunkers for now as they have a lot of traps attached to their init, and this is causing very slow zone population of opfor units, especially later in the mission

- fixed some body and group deletion for tanks - should improve performance in later parts of mission

- removed hilux civ vehicle and 50cal version of jeep in civ vec array

to do:

- fix zone and player marker system

- reduce duplication of resources module script functions

- fix opfor reinforcement heli exfil

- eventually have reinforcements come from spiderholes not helis

test file is here: http://www.gitsarma.gamingdeluxe.net/missions/CO_22_EvolutionCBv3.us101_Cao_Bang.pbo

Edited by eggbeast

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all links updated in first post as we moved to EW clan

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Hello, eggbeast.

I happened to know about this evolution coop a few days ago and gave it a try with my friends. It is totally amazing. Best gaming experience ever.

One thing I disliked was as battle progressed, there were too many enemy choppers and planes in the sky making too much noise. Also just pure infanty firefight is the way we enjoy the most. Is it possible for a server admin to make it so that enemies don't ride air vehicles?

One more question. I set the enemy size to 'very small' but they were still to many for us. Can I make their number even less?

Thank you.

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the air units are there to keep the flyboys happy. suggest you promote a friend to combat air patrol duty.

the enemy count is pretty easy even for me fighting alone. just pack a lot of grenades. to reduce enemy count just nade them.

the mission works best with between 3 and 10 players.

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Yeah. I was thinking that but is it technically possible to make the enemy choppers not show up? I mean watching bunch of NVAs parachuting from the sky is not what we expect from Vietnam war. lol.

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shoot them down - either bring a quad truck up, or a vulcan, or have a CAP on standby. adapt mate.

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OK. I will adapt.


I'm sorry but I have more questions.


1. What's the difference between 'Sky+environment on' and 'Original Evo' for performance setting?

2. When I load previously saved game, the spawn system seems messed up, If I join as the same class as before, I'm either surrounded by ai avatars that once were human teammates or get instantly killed by AI teammates and spawn in the middle of nowhere. Also I'm unable to make those AIs join my squad so have to watch them act on their own. Is there a way I can get them to join my squad so I can have control over them or just have them disaapear?

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dunno about saving mate, i only ever played it MP on a dedi box

i never turn off environment fx, that sucks.

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