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Echo Company Infantry Realism

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About Us

We play the game realistically, using formations, small unit tactics, game mods, and more to augment play. We love realism, and we do our scheduled weekend ops "in character" as parts of an ongoing, story-driven campaign. However, we aren't true "milsim" - that is, out of game, and on fun ops we're far less serious. Check out our mashup video "Welcome to Echo Company"from our ArmA 2 days, and you'll learn that really quickly :D This is a game, and we're here to have fun! Outside of the campaign(s), we primarily do co-op missions created by members or modified to suit our playstyle, or we play on our custom made Dynamic War mission (Second iteration, a complete rebuild, just came out after about half a year of use), which has us roaming on a dedi, scouting and clearing enemy held towns, patrols, and roadblocks.

Unit History

Echo Company was formerly an ArmA 2 small infantry unit that ran for a couple of years, at its core a close knit group of friends from a previous clan. We left ArmA 2 and experimented with the idea of starting the unit again as an ArmA 3 unit, and in the interim, joined and worked with several other units. However, we decided to venture out on our own and recreate our unit, as we loved our unique playstyle and small unit bond. That was over a year ago, and since then, Echo Company has become a standard in small unit ArmA 3 realism. We play primarily as a regular US Army infantry/Ranger unit, and are currently running about two full squads on the roster actively.

What We Do

We recently completed our third detailed, story-driven campaign, which lasted for several months, on the player-made island of Bornholm. Our previous campaigns took place on Takistan, and Altis, and all three were set in the same timeline of the 2030s ArmA 3 setting. The fourth campaign, which is about to begin, will be set earlier in that timeline - 2018, employing a new set of mods. Our goal in recruiting is to find quality personnel to fill out our platoon as we prepare to embark on that next deployment - to Isla Duala.

How We Do It

We are always looking for new recruits. We don't believe in extensive training, line drilling, etc. It is a game, however seriously we play it. On the other hand, we do play in a realistic fashion on the field, and we expect others to do so as well when joining us. In-mission, behave with decorum. Listen to your leaders. Keep criticisms to yourself until after the operation. Stay with your team. We use basic formations, radio etiquette, and realistic loadouts for the tasks at hand. We do training when we need it for a specific topic (i.e. "Guys, we really need to work on building clearing"), and the rest of the time, we do missions and MOUT exercises to practice skills, instead of drilling. Out of game, we have no hooah-yessir-nossir mentality. Ranks, positions, and skill don't matter much when just hanging out, and we like it that way.


We are specifically looking for people willing to fill infantry roles. We're currently maxed on full-time pilots, although the ability to fly is always welcome. Infantry who are willing to train eventually into Team Leader roles or CLS or Medic roles are highly appreciated. We are not currently looking for snipers, as this is a slot we don't employ at the time being, please don't ask ;)

We sometimes have a wait list to begin recruitment. This is due to the fact that we try hard now to limit our total amount of concurrent recruits, so that everyone has a chance to get to know them better and form an opinion about them - and vice versa.

Minimum Requirements

- Age of 18 or higher please. This is just the hard line - we'd honestly prefer older than that.

- Teamspeak 3, working microphone, legal copy of ArmA 3

- Ability to typically make 9pm EST Friday events and similar times for other nights.

- The ability to speak and type English fluently

- Come talk to us!

To Apply:


For Questions or Information:

TeamSpeak: ts.callsignphoenix.com

New Website: callsignphoenix.com

YouTube: EchoCompanyOps

Steam: Asherion or rebel_12340

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Our second campaign as an ArmA 3 group is complete! Operation Resolute Eagle was 13 weeks long, and the full campaign timeline can be found at http://callsignphoenix.com. We'll be beginning a new campaign at the start of December, with an all new mod collection, including AGM, Bornholm, and more. Stay tuned for details, and check out the campaign storyline on the site to see if you think our style of play and our story driven, small unit campaigns would be of interest to you! We're looking for more people to fill out our first platoon!

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Operation Red Dagger

Date: June 2035

Theater: Bornholm, Baltic Sea

Enemy: Russian Federation CSAT Forces

Allied: Bornholm Resistance

Operational Objectives

  1. Liberate Bornholm’s major cities, airfields, and airport and gain air superiority over the island and surrounding sea zone.
  2. Neutralize enemy Tier One personalities, which will be distributed to NATO personnel as cards as soon as a FOB is set up on Bornholm and NATO forces are established and receiving local intelligence.
  3. Raise, arm, train, and support a cohesive local militia force capable of fighting off small Russian units to assist NATO efforts in harassing Russian forces in the region and defend liberated areas.


Bornholm has been invaded and occupied by Russian Federation Army as part of their campaign to push into East Europe and the Scandinavian Peninsula. The Russian Federation has recently signed the CSAT accords and become a full member, nominally equal in stature to the Alliance's former leader, Iran. Bornholm is uniquely positioned to allow NATO forces to both open a new front on the Peninsula in addition to the ongoing fight on the west side of Norway, as well as to be used as a stepping stone to begin funneling special operations personnel and other units into mainland Russia. Our goal is to seize Bornholm and hold it as a NATO asset.

This campaign will encompass (approximately) between 20 and 30 missions, and will be anywhere from five to eight months in real-time duration (probably half that or less in the “simulated timelineâ€), with one mission occurring weekly on Friday evenings EST (probably with some exceptions). Each mission will have the potential for lasting effects on the campaign as a whole, including redirection of the entire purpose of the campaign, in some cases. This campaign, if well received, will also be a direct precursor to a larger chain of events within the same timeline (the next campaign will be directly a result of this one, or involved in the same worldwide conflict, etc).

We plan to have several perspectives of video on YouTube for each mission so stay tuned at http://youtube.com/EchoCompanyOps - or head over to http://callsignphoenix.com to check out the group, and the campaign information/status page. Finally, remember that we’ll also be streaming each operation at http://twitch.com/Asherion. Thanks!

Commander’s Missive, to the men and women of Task Force Aegis:

First and foremost, thank you to all of the supporting soldiers at home, getting us intelligence, supplies, and keeping things running; and to the family, friends, and fellow Americans supporting us in our efforts as part of a larger NATO initiative to halt the progress of CSAT forces as they begin to invade Europe. You are no doubt now in the final hours of preparation before your units deploy to England, which will be your staging area prior to your part in Operation Red Dagger.

Our troops are already engaged around the world, struggling to hold their lines and to push back to regain allied territory that has been invaded by CSAT forces. You all hear the news; you all know the stakes. Israel only lasted days. The former Soviet Bloc countries are already occupied, as is most of the Scandinavian Peninsula. India is a war zone, as is Turkey, and Mexico. CSAT forces push into NATO or allied regions on many fronts. No doubt future generations will dub this the Third World War, and our part in it over the coming weeks may seem to be a small one. But our hope is to create a platform by which we will have the ability to advance into Russia, and strike at their heart, ending their participation in this conflict. Any effort towards that goal is of the utmost importance. Our naval forces are deadlocked with Russians in the Baltic. This conflict on this tiny island may be a pivot point for the war in this area of the world, and we will not fail.

You will be the first NATO forces to land on the island of Bornholm. The populace will not be thrilled to see you, more invaders in a quiet country, recently vandalized by a war they had no need to be involved in, but they will welcome any assistance in removing and repelling the Russian soldiers from their island. Show them that NATO is here to help; assist them when they are in need. Eliminate the Russian leaders in the region. Take the airfields and cities and gain air superiority. Get us that fucking island.

NATO is a stronger force than it ever has been, at any point throughout history, and we will prevail.

We must prevail.

General Alexander Maxwell

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Operation Tranquil River

May 2018

General Information

  • Area of Operations: Isla Duala, Africa
  • Enemy Forces: Molatian Armed Forces. Primarily light infantry and mechanized platoons, with some limited helicopter support.
  • Allied Forces: Afrene Republican Militia. Light infantry with some mechanized forces. Ill organized, and low in numbers.

The Situation

It is May of 2018, and due to the sudden NATO-Russian Federation clashes in the Baltic region, and the growing threat of war, NATO is suddenly looking for ways in which to prove itself as a world power once more. The U.N. is collapsing into bickering factions and is slowly being rendered incapable of decision making. The permanent Security Council is gridlocked on almost every decision, with China backing the Russian Federation’s every international move. NATO is stepping back onto the global stage as a decidedly Western, decidedly active force against Russian influence.

The situation on Isla Duala has reached a tipping point. It is a small island consisting of two nations. Molatia, on the north side of the island, and Afrene, in the south, separated by a river dividing the island roughly in half. Molatia’s economy has ever been supported by Russian trade in diamonds and other minerals. Since their recent discovery of oil reserves under northeastern Molatia and the nearby sea zone, that trade has drastically went up in volume, and as Molatia gains more control over those oil reserves, its economy is expected to boom. Its population is decidedly anti-Western. Afrene, on the other hand, was a bit more of a tourist spot, albeit a slightly less-than-safe one (primarily for Westerners) in the past and recently has fallen upon some hard times. With the economic boom for Molatia, Afrene has now begun to feel both economic and military pressure on the border. Several border towns have been attacked with mortars or stray small arms fire, citizens travelling on the roads have been killed, and commando raids on other Afrene towns have commenced, with key figures assassinated and assets seized.

NATO has tackled this opportunity to both gain control of a valuable area resource and at the same time exercise some international authority and gain some international goodwill by resolving a crisis in a developing area. Task Force Aegis, formed of US Army Rangers and SOAR pilots as well as some auxiliary forces from other NATO member states, has been deployed to Afrene to bolster its defenses, stop the Molatian advances, and, should it prove necessary, enter Molatia and neutralize it as a threat until a more unified Dualan government can be formed. On paper, the last portion is only a strategic possibility - in actuality, this is exactly what NATO command intends to do, one way or another.

Task Force Aegis must now enter the area, attempt to create a peaceful environment, secure the border zone, and eliminate the Molatian threat - which first implies the removal of Mikail Gabon, the so-called President of Molatia. He is a dictator who rules without term or limits. Without his leadership, Molatia will be much more likely to listen to reason in diplomatic channels. The neutralization of the Molatian armed forces and assets may also be required, along with the pacification of any armed civilian militias.

Operation: Tranquil River will begin in May 2015. Apply today to get involved, even after we've begun!

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