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Help with creating "sat_lco" and "mask_lco"

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Ok so I have been working on making a map called "Septemis". It's came out really well and I like my terrain, but I need help with my "mask_lco".

From the fourm post about AppleGate.[forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?172462-AppleGate-Community-Project-WIP]

There mask_lco looks like this.


I'd like to know if anyone knows of the program or a program that will make a texture map like that seeing that that had to of been generated.

and I'd also like input on my sat_lco


Thats the sat_lco I made I'd like to know if there any thing else I would need to do to make it more professional.

Thanks to all in advanced!

And sorry for un proper links this is my first post.

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