Well, challenge is accepted. LOL!    Here is a sample mission!   I found out that compiling your own music into the correct format is a cruel mistress, and was unable to get the music to operate as planned; so I decided it was easier to use the built in music instead. You can access the list through the debug screen after loading the mission through the editor. Put in the code "utils 4" and execute Local, and it will bring up a window containing the Vanilla music files that you can sample. The box at the top contains the name, class name, and path to the file. By using the command "playMusic" followed by the classname "BackgroundTrack03_F" (formatted like: playMusic "BackgroundTrack03_F";) you can play the track when you want it. By using the code to terminate the music you can end it when you want (formatted like: playMusic "";). you could also start the music at a certain point by making the begin play music an array (E.G. playMusic ["BackgroundTrack03_F", 3] would start the track at 3 seconds in). Also, just a note; custom music would need configured in cfgMusic, but attempting to configure a file that is already configured with Vanilla music breaks the music function.   As for the text, in this there is 3 different kinds of examples. The textTiles is for the image display with skulls, and the 2nd being the large Intro Text immediately following. This needs to be set in the RscTitles to provide the path to the image. Sleep commands will take some finesse to set properly (ahh, the loading and watching may get to you after about 15 load ins), but will be how you set the timing. on a very hefty mission, they may react differently, so further adjustment may be required later as well.         The next is Structured text which is displayed during the Cinema border display. This needs to be set in the RscTitles to tell the system that there is a hud overlay to be shown, and control some options; but I found the option such as disableUserInput are easier to control from the intro.sqf. I also break the text into colors based on team Side (blue and red) for Welcome, and add a variable to fetch the player name to display as well. This makes for a wonderful way to give tips to players joining the server, but the cinema border interrupts some actions as well. For Example, if you have the cinema border and a player joins combat in progress, they may not be able to escape combat or have a clear visual of the enemy. you can disable movement completely, but for this reason in my own missions I leave disableUserInput alone so at least they can go prone under fire.       Finally there is the typeText that I use to display Necessary Genocide and a few tidbits like my name. You can configure with color and such as well, but due to the intrusiveness of the prior texts, I tend to go for a minimally distracting print. I have tried to place some extra space between the first and second lines before, but did not achieve the result I was looking for. I am not sure if the spacing is actually configurable per line, or if they are all attached together as a block that cannot be split (it overlaps the Warlords OSD popups).    The text type I have used previously, but not in this example was titleText and infoText. The infoText displays at the lower right side of the screen like in the actual game (Island, time, and date). The titleText function displays across the center of the screen similar to my typeText.   Hopefully this gives you something to help you out. I will update this if I can get my own music going and put in for a more elaborate example. Good Luck with the scripting!
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