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Addons enabled under expansions

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I reinstalled A3 today and made sure that no addons were selected in my launcher but yet when I launch A3 I have several of them activated yet all of my launchers and command lines are empty and there are no addons in my documents. The addons are not the default ones and include ALIVE and TMR and JSRS.

Where can I find these so I can get rid of them? there is nothing in the game addons folder (I deleted the entire folder before reinstalling) so I don't understand where they are coming from, if I disable them they will all reactivate the next time I start up the game. Also, the BI arma 3 launcher doesn't work so I can't check that (it has never worked)

edit: i fixed it by deleting all addons in my root folder, I don't know why they automatically activated though.

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