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Phantom Six

CiA Hardcore Arma 2 Iron Front Coop Nights

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Comrades in Arms will be hosting infrequent Iron Front coop night as a mod for Arma 2 for serious team players on Tuesday at 20:00 CET starting August 12th. During summer, daylight-saving time will be in effect. If you are uncertain of the current server time, check here.

CiA have been running serious coop games for the past ten years. We are mostly known for our strict but simple modus operandi during our missions. There are no trainings or role playing; we concentrate on the mission and the ways to complete it, that's it. We choose a commander, lay out a plan, and during its execution we carefully follow the team leader's orders. In spite of that, the atmosphere is light and calm. Every one, including guests, can lead in our games. However, once a leader was chosen everybody are expected to do exactly as he says.

We play community released missions as well as missions designed by our members. There are no game-modes! Expect only structured coop missions with definite objectives and success criteria.

If you'd like to receive a direct impression of CiA gameplay, visit our



We play without respawn except for group or side respawn. We do not play with Instant or Base respawn and we do not use revive scripts. This means that if a player is dead, he/she will remain dead until the next mission starts.

The reason we play like this is because one, we like to keep things realistic, but we don't want to go to the point of addressing each other by rank and other rubbish. We do not believe in one man rambo wiping out an entire army by themselves either. We believe respawns ruins that balance by throwing unrealistic impossible scenarios of hordes after hordes until they're all dead.

The second reason why we play with no respawn is because you will value your life more, must play more carefully, makes the mission feel more intense, and you will not feel like rambo. If you know you can respawn, you might as well commit suicide anyways without consequences. If you know you'll sit and wait while spectating the others play for about twenty minutes, death will be something to avoid and fear, allowing more tactical plays while valuing life.

In the end, no respawn = the greater the glory.

CiA Server Rules

1. Orders and Communications

Follow your leader's orders at all costs, even if they may seem senseless in your eyes. This also requires that each unit knows their number so you will know which order is addressed to you. We play with TFA radio.

2. Reporting Back

If the leader addresses you, respond. If you have been given an order, respond with 'Roger' so the leader will know that you have received and understood it. Upon completion of the assigned task report 'Ready'.

3. Formation

Stick with the formation unless told otherwise. Even numbers should move to the right hand side of the leader, while odd numbers to his left. If the main squad is split up into smaller squads, each squad moves as an independent team, led by an assigned secondary leader.

4. Map

Stay focused on the tactical situation. Know where you and possible friendly units are to avoid friendly fire.

5. Firing

Unless under immediate threat, do not open fire without being ordered! Before firing on a unit,check the map for friendly units! Rather be shot by an enemy than shooting a friendly!

6. Chat

Keep the light-headed conversation for suitable moments. Don't chat if it has nothing to do with the current combat situation.

7. Concentration

This is the last and most important rule: Concentrate. We don't forbid joking, but once a mission has started, stay serious, calm and focus on the game!

Anyone who doesn't follow one or more of these rules will be asked to leave.

CiA Standrard Operation Procedures

Work in progress.

Required Addons

Check here.

Recommended Addons

Check here.

Feel free to use client-side addons that do not give you unreasonable advantage.

Server Info

Game server IP:

Port: 2202

Password: Post a reply here or use contact form to request for the password.

Teamspeak 3 server IP: ts.ciahome.net:9988

TS password: ciafdf

CiA Mission List

Check this Google spreadsheet to view the missions we have on the Iron Front server. In order to pursue the sense of achievement we use it to keep track of succesfully completed missions. We keep it up-to-date.

About addons. The server is an Arma 2 server that runs Iron Front as an addon, not an Iron Front server. You will be required to have Arma 2 CO 1.63 on steam and have Iron front as an addon.

Refer to the following links if you need help installing Iron Front as an addon.

Iron Front Lite - Download and Setup

Iron Front Full - Setup Instructions

See you on the server!

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