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VRG DayZ Overpoch Australia!

What map should it be on?  

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  1. 1. What map should it be on?

    • Napf
    • Chernarus
    • Other (Comment below)

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Hey guys

So basically, I'm an 18 year old Australian and have been playing ArmA since i was around 13 - 14 and have been learning scripting for around 3 years now and me and a few mates have been playing DayZ Overpoch for a fair while now, so I have decided to try and bring up my own Overpoch Server and attempt to build a community out of it.

I do not have a server active yet due to technical reasons but they will be resolved within a couple of days.

Basically I plan to bring up a Server with a self modified version of DayZ Overpoch, featuring a lot of custom scripts, custom vehicles, custom traders, etc and already have a small list of features that I have already coded ready for the server!

For the first week of the server being active, all new players will spawn with 10oz Gold, 1 Safe and a Plot Pole to say thank you for choosing VRG!

I would really like too see you guys on the server as I will be putting a lot of my spare time and work into making it the best experience for the players as I possible can!

The servers IP will be - or you can just filter VRG.

Also, I want to ask you guys, what Map should I have it on?

Hope too see you guys soon, thanks.


The small list (Note: This is an EXTREMELY small list compared to what I will add in the future):

- Building supply Missions

- Other extra side missions like wrecked vehicles, gold caches, etc

- Added vehicles with custom functions (List below)

- Spawn Select script

- Spawning in a Mozzie Helicopter with a Toolbox, Scrap Metal, Engine parts and Main Rotor

- Some Tanks (Pretty expensive with with disabled cannons)

- Much more to come in the future!

Custom Vehicles list: (Subject to change after testing on server)

- MI-24V Cannon only (no missiles or rockets)

- MI-24P Cannon only (no rockets or bombs)

- KA-52 Cannon only (no rockets or missiles)

- AH-6J

- T-72 (No cannon)

- T-55 (No cannon)

- T-34 (No cannon)

- M1A1 (No cannon)

- M2A2 (No TOW Missiles)

- BMP2 (No AT-5 Missiles)

- Armored SUV with retractable M134 Minigun

- All Humvee variants (Except TOW variant)

- All Offroad variants (Except SPG-9 variant)

- BMP-2

- BMP-2 HQ

- BRDM-2


- BTR-40

- BTR-90

- BTR-90 HQ

- M113

- KA-60

- MH-60

- UH-60

- MI-17

- AW-159 Lynx

- UH-1y (No rockets)

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