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[COOP] All Out Warfare

What do you prefer :  

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  1. 1. What do you prefer :

    • Every tasks avaliable from the start ( static , no randomization )
    • Tasks created by players ( push a button to create a randomly placed task )

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Hello guys i have a small problem with ace .... when im hit even though ace works it shows me as incapacitated and when i get back up my screen is white and i cant aim as if the game thinks im still incapacitated ...and some minutes later i die .... any fixes for this issue ?

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Im a returning Arma 3 player and i would like to play this game again with my friends who are also returning players. I am making a custom AOW map using the AOW template provided by the Author but i cannot make a task or enemy zone. some sqf file is missing it says. i need help with this thank you

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