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BAFX and Rangemaster mod packs - released

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wow that's a nice offer Axtros. we could make it into an armed BAe Hawk.

However at present I don't have any modelers free to engage with it.

I will aks the wider team in the next week and let you know.

otherwise, maybe we can revisit it in a few months if nobody has yet done anything with it?

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Just a random offer:

If you ever decide to include stringtables for other languages, I can translate english to russian :rolleyes:

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I always include string tables, but 'somebody' on the team always removes them. The problem I've found with XML stringtables is that you can't include formatting, so color includes break the XML file.

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Well, the point is: need any help with translation to russian - feel free to drop me a PM :)

EDIT: or vice-versa russian to english (like something from russian web/forums as they tend to contain more in-depth/specific info)

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thanks man

yeah i'm the guy who breaks them al lthe time, as i cannot edit xml

i can only edit csv files

even though i have office 2012

aaaaand.... 2.0 is out

temp file - see links from PWS and Armaholic below

2.0 changes:

New L39 ZA and L59 variants added, with 2 seats

L-39ZA opfor (takistan) with 10 loadouts, 2 seats, WSO camera, shell drop, GPS targeting, wheel brake, new weapons from PRACS project -thanks wld427!

L-59 blufor (czech) with 10 loadouts, 2 seats, shell drop, engine flame, WSO camera, GPS targeting, wheel brake

L-159 blufor (czech) with 10 loadouts, shell drop, engine flame and afterburner, GPS targeting, wheel brake

Evromalarkey ACR for A3 project skins in use - thanks to Evro and the team for those

ok tons of new Mig29 / Mig35 variants added, based on Mukceps original port and pooks work on that.




multi-role variants (will have dynamic loadout)

MR factions


Fixed roles:












fixed role factions

RU, TK, INS and CDF faction

example pic



- The CDF Mig-27s (EHCAS, HCAS, CAS) had a TK skin

- updated all opfor weapons with wld427 weapon models

- edited weapon loadouts on Mig23, L39, Su25, Su27, Su30, Su34

- fixed pop-up errors with F15 / Su30 textures

- fixed stretcher proxy in uh60

- adjusted icons for Su25, Su27, Su30, Su34


From Franze:

RBK250/500 clusterbombs

KMGU mine dispenser

FAB100 bombs

Kab500KR bomb

MBD3 rack

800L fuel tanks

S24, S25 and S25L rockets and launch pod

SPPU22 gunpod

KH25ml, Kh25mp, Kh25mr missiles



Loads of new weapons from wld427 / Godhammer

Edited by eggbeast

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ok picture show from 2.0

Su30 with kh58, kh31, kab500kr etc


bomber version of su30


ofab500 detail


su27 CAP


L59 with HMP250 gunpod (wip)


L39 bomber


Su34 sporting new bomb models


kab500kr and kab1500kr (belly) GPS guided bombs


kh58, kh31, kab500kr, rvv/r77


frogfoot with new bomb loads


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ofab-100 frag or sab100 FAE


kh25, kh31, kab500, r60M


mig35 bomber


mig29 SEAD


mig29 CAP


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New version frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


We have also "connected" these pages to your account on Armaholic.

This means in the future you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

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if you think the pics look good, try popping in our server for a test flight...

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Sith just goat rail :cool:

BTW - if I remember correctly, PRACS had an SU-24/SU-24M? If so, is there a possibility it will get included someday?

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maybe yeah, we did ask Gnat for it, but he's been too busy to respond so far.

previously he allowed me to rearm it, so who knows, maybe soon...

wld427 is helping us quite a lot, but obviously it aint his plane to share.

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me n pook were dog-fighting last night in the mig35 (beware it has a damage tyres script we're gonna fix) and a su30M, both have thrust vectoring and it was like an aerial sports car rally...

---------- Post added at 11:28 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:27 AM ----------

p.s. thanks for the mirrors guys - appreciate it

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On further reading, SU-24 is being slowly phased out of air forces operating it. So SU-34 does the job.

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Yeah a few issues with the Mig29 series, including that tire damage script (it appears to be a pre-Arma2 attempt at damage effects). The issues are being researched :)

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dawn raid with a flanker


frogfoot firing a krypton at a gopher launcher


fulcrum firing a krypton at a gaskin launcher


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Hi Guys!

I find two problem:

1. More aircrafts has no ammunition in the 30mm Gsh-30-1 gun. For example: Mig-29, SU-37M, SU-30M, etc.

2. No gunner seat in the L-39ZA, and L-59 aircrafts.


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please make no more reports - as we are busy with the mod, just enjoy the good stuff.

you are probably running other mods, as our planes have working ammo

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After a winter break, and a massive output of new awesomeness from hcpookie, plus a big effort transforming some of pooks and my unsung work to rangemaster... v2.1 is finally here...


--- AAA has airburst flak effects

--- deployable bush camo

--- usable spare tyres

--- independent moving searchlights

--- weapon zeroing and correct ammo mag sizes and bullet types

--- ride on tank hulls

--- popping turrets when destroyed

--- flamethrowers

--- working lume, frag and smoke rounds

--- cargo weapons/ammo/backpack space

--- additional hatches and turn-out options

--- randomised fuel drums and other clutter on some vehicles

BTR-40 / BTR-152 APC

Available in 6 factions: RU, INS, CDF, TAK, TK_INS, TK_GUE

BTR40 transport (7 seater)


BTR40 Dshk

BTR40 DShk / PK

BTR40 Twin DShk

BTR40 57mm SPG / PK

BTR40 73mm SPG / PK

BTR40 106mm RR / PK

BTR40 23mm Zu23-2 AAA

BTR152 Dshk transport (14 seater)

BTR152 14.5mm ZPU-4 AAA

Mobile AAA

Available in 7 factions: RU, INS, CDF, GUE, TAK, TK_INS, TK_GUE for:

ZSU-23-4 Shilka quad 23mm AAA

ZSU-57-2 Sparka twin 57mm AAA

Ural S-60 57mm AAA

Ural Zu23-2 twin 23mm AAA

Static AAA

Available in 7 factions: RU, INS, CDF, GUE, TAK, TK_INS, TK_GUE for:

S-60 57mm AAA

Zu-23-2 twin 23mm AAA

ZPU-4 quad 14.5mm AAA



Available in 7 factions: RU, INS, CDF, GUE, TAK, TK_INS, TK_GUE for:



OT34 flame tank

T54 (extra MG)


TO55 flame tank

HEMMT trucks



models include flatbed, rearm, refuel, repair, and... gun truck!

pook_HEMTT // West - USMC (Green)
pook_HEMTT_US // West - US (Tan)
pook_HEMTT_CDF // West - CDF (Green)
pook_HEMTT_CDF_IND // Independent - CDF (Tan)

pook_HEMTT_gun // West - USMC (Green)
pook_HEMTT_gun_US // West - US (Tan)
pook_HEMTT_gun_CDF // West - CDF (Green)
pook_HEMTT_gun_CDF_IND // Independent - CDF (Tan)

Found under vehicle class "Support"

pook_HEMTT_ammo // West - USMC (Green)
pook_HEMTT_ammo_US // West - US (Tan)
pook_HEMTT_ammo_CDF // West - CDF (Green)
pook_HEMTT_ammo_CDF_IND // Independent - CDF (Tan)

pook_HEMTT_fuel // West - USMC (Green)
pook_HEMTT_fuel_US // West - US (Tan)
pook_HEMTT_fuel_CDF // West - CDF (Green)
pook_HEMTT_fuel_CDF_IND // Independent - CDF (Tan)

pook_HEMTT_repair // West - USMC (Green)
pook_HEMTT_repair_US // West - US (Tan)
pook_HEMTT_repair_CDF // West - CDF (Green)
pook_HEMTT_repair_CDF_IND // Independent - CDF (Tan)

Modern SAM systems.


Different models included:

- 9K331/9K332 Tor (SA-15)

- 9K37 / 9K317 Buk (SA-11)

- 96K6 Pantsir (SA-22) (working airburst AAA)

- NASAMS (AIM-120)

- C-RAM ADS (working airburst AAA)

- MIM-104 Patriot System (and support vehicles) (static can throw a popup error - fix next version)

- SA3 static and mobile launcher vehicles (static can throw a popup error - fix next version)

Russian designations for Russian systems. Missile performance and behavior based on real-world data and video footage. The 9K33x, 9K37, and 9K317 are normally radar guided, and they can also be optically guided in an ECM-heavy environment. Therefore, I added manual control to these missiles. This is subject to removal in future releases based on feedback.
All BIS factions represented, since it stands to reason that the CDF and Takistani Army would have acquired these in their inventories. 

9K331/9K332 Tor (SA-15 Gauntlet)
The SA15 system is intended to be a "point defense" system near airbases and other high value assets. Intended for defense against aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, and other precision guided weapons. System consists of a mobile launcher containing 8x missiles that are vertically launched from the turret. Both tracked and wheeled models are present. The 9K332 represents an incremental upgrade of the system, and is wheeled in the addon.

9K37/9K317 Buk (SA11 Gadfly /SA17 Grizzly)
The Buk system is an intermediate-range defense system intended for defense of military assets including military vehicles and troops. The systems consist of a mobile launcher with 4x missiles. The 9K37 is a series improvement over the original SA6 system. The 9K317 is a series upgrade of the 9K37 system. Tracked and wheeled versions for both systems are present (4x total). The wheeled version is distinguished with the "-M2" designator.

96K6 Pantsir S1 (SA-22 Greyhound)
The 96K6 is a series improvement of the 2S6 Tunguska point defense system. The 96K6 consists of the stnadard 2A38M autocannon, and 12x missiles on a wheeled chassis. The missiles are improved over the Tunguska in range and performance.

The NASAMS system is a mid-range system produced by Raytheon. NASAMS is in use in several countries worldwide. System consists of a mobile 6x launcher armed with AIM-120 missiles adapted for surface launch.

The C-RAM system is a short-range area defense system intended to counter rocket, artillery, and mortar attacks. Since this is currently not practical in-game, it is perfectly suited for short-range air defense.

Both the PAC-2 and PAC-3 systems are represented. The AN/MPQ-53 radar and OE-349 antenna mast group are also included.

Current version (1.3) added static SA3 launcher. Also "midlife upgrade" mobile version on T55 chassis.



https://fcmtrw.bn1304.livefilestore.com/y2phE5EHgh3oEoGFrJ0310K1p1XxLu8gmFa0-fVKK4Vm_sZN1RNSqq8zjzX9NSwNFvV0Y7WgzMWwGyQ403qDXULIQU8wlmePmM2y39gKUYYq0cenwKLt2_0TrfIROcTE_Fr/pantsirS1.jpg (944 kB)




SCUD with HE and 5kt Nuke warheads. Missile is managed via the Artillery Computer in the same way as GRAD and MLRS rockets. Vehicle resized larger to more realistic dimensions.

Vehicles found under a new class "SSBM" to avoid conflicts with the default BIS SCUD. All BIS factions and sides (East, West, Ind) are represented with differing camo variations.

This was developed for player-based use, especially in MP games. The HE warhead is standard. The 5kt Nuclear warhead is based on real world capabilities.

Artillery Computer ranges were tweaked, so the minimum limits allow the warheads to target "danger close" to the launch vehicle. Max ranges allow the SCUD to reach the entire Chernarus and Takistan maps. Larger maps have not been tested (yet).

Nuke script is based on an older EVO Nuke script and may have some MP issues. Further testing in MP games is warranted!

The warhead is armed via the action menu. The arming scripts are configured to prevent firing unless the scaffold is fully raised. This should prevent misfires. Scripts may be tuned further.

The warhead selection is made via the action menu. Additional warhead types are planned to supplement the HE and 5kt Nuke warheads.

There is no provision for re-arming the SCUD launcher after it is fired.

The complete cycle of the arming of the SCUD via the action menu takes approximately 1.5 minutes game time. The real life launcher takes at least 40 minutes to 1 hour, but this will not be modelled!

To use the SCUD, perform this series of actions from the action menu:
1. Prepare scud launch
2. Select warhead. Select either:
- Select Nuclear (5kt) Warhead
- Select HE Warhead
3. Erect Launcher. (this raises the launcher to the upright position)
4. Arm Warhead. This will arm the warhead, enabling the Artillery Computer to be used.

You can now use the Artillery Computer to fire the missile just like an MLRS/GRAD missile!

NOTE: You can select "Cancel" to cancel the launch sequence

Found under new vehicle class "SSBM"

pook_SCUD_TAK // East - Tak
pook_SCUD_INS // East - ChDKZ
pook_SCUD_TKINS // East - TAK-Militia
pook_SCUD_CDF // West - CDF
pook_SCUD_GUE // Independent - NAPA GUE
pook_SCUD_TKGUE: // Independent - TAK-Locals



MV22 osprey


- updated FM characteristics! The bird is manageable at hover speeds, but still has that "big bird" heft.

- walkable interior, door steps, ramp

- adjusted getin/getout cargo points (for ramp)

- updated minor model errors

- added flap/gear sounds

- updated chaff/flare action based on video footage EDIT TO ADD: Select "Burst" mode for the full effect!

- added smoke screen countermeasures

- adjusted night headlight direction

- updated dust effects based on RL data

- added camo1/camo2 textures. "clan" and "clan_sign" are texture 2 and texture 3, respectively. So if you want to set insignias with these you can.

- added "refuel" memory point on tip of refuel boom

- added functional chin turret targeting pod based on RL data

- - front "cargo seat" is now copilot observer

- added actions for:

- - pack/unpack wings

- - crew grenade drop

- - crew smoke shell marker drop

- - door action

- - ramp action

- new IDWS version with all the tweaks AND:

- - gun combined in model; no more need for the previous attachto scripting methods

- - reduced cargo capacity based on RL data

- - ejected bullet drop

- new rear M240 gunner version with all the tweaks AND:

- - M240 rear gun position

- - gun combined in model; no more need for the previous attachto scripting methods

- - always-open ramp for rear gunner

- - ejected bullet drop

- added CV-22 (USAF / SOC version)

- - M240 rear gun version with:

- - increased fuel capacity based on RL data

- - sanitized texture w/ no "marines" decals

- added BAF IDWS and M240 versions as well

- - sanitized texture w/ no "marines" decals



BAFX Ridgeback

- increased mag cargo space

M1161 Growlers

- fixed horn

- fixed lume launcher

- added flip script


- fixed stretcher hide in non-MEV failing, proxy renaming broke it

- fixed rotor bend animation


- fixed skin issues

- transport/ambulance now has opening doors and clamshell rear hatches

- fixed accuracy setting causing it to be almost impossible to lock on to



- HUD improved


- fixed mig23 historical perpetual execvm loop that was causing a lot of lag

- fixed GSh-6-30 twin pods firing modes


- wingtip hardpoints removed

- su27 wheels now turn

- fixed pilot view/camo selections not present.

- fixed su27b model not using updated engine sections.

- fixed pylons visible through engine fairings

- fixed both rotors on intake spin in same direction

- fixed su27b pilot offset

- fixed su27 HUD


- fixed wheel turn radius


- fixed some weapon zeroing

- some names improved

- fixed M8 popup error - EB_weapons\config.cpp/cfgWeapons/m8_SAW/Scope/

so next up:

- UAZ and technical pack
- brooks' Chieftain - finish textures, sounds
- convert CRV(T) pack from vilas
- pandur by hcpookie

- resources module for refueling, knives, medkits, etc

- Merlin add weapons and cargo walk deck
- L39 variants - finish rear seat
- AW159 Wildcat
- Su22 from franze
- Tornado from dezkit
- EF2000
- F16C 
- BO105 from hcpookie
- F111 from NZDF Crash

- add full classname spreadsheet
- split BAFX and Rangemaster into two packs

- make the "silencers" correctly be called "suppressors"? Silencers only exist in James Bond movies.
- molotov flame?
- further weapon zeroing
- disposable M136 / RPG18
- add pooks GL's
- OSV96 Rifle /von knudenberg
- add vilas' sterling and von knudenbergs 9 milly for chieftain crew
- M59 Rifle /chris, von knudenberg
- traps and mines
- statics
- artillery ranges

- add M230 and AGS17/A burst sounds
- KMGU mine dispenser script - from unsung suu14
- add smokewinder for Larsiano
- missile camera function
- S24 pod
- Ka52/Mi24 - GUV 8700 Gunpod AGS
- Ka52/Mi24- GUV 8700 Gunpod MG
- F35A / A10 / AV8B - BRU-57 dual bomb rack from migeater
- Gau19 from von knudenberg

- add E seat
- cockpit lights too bright

MQ9 Predator
- make better interface and control system

Su34 / F35
- add afterburner effects

- Sonic boom script eval for repeating sound.
- Nose cone script for other planes (req model edit)?
- wreck

- random number mp sync.
- Random camo selections?
- night light brightness too high.
- make wing anim based on speed not flaps
- wreck
- engine off sound
- clan sign
- engine cover

- cockpit dials.
- mig35 has a damage system running on its tyres causing it to explode on take-off

- add 50 cal barrel to front
- add optic turret for assault versions

- P/Navy gun texture
- V Gsh23 model in nose

- cockpit to complete

- M230 model to add, take off of non M230 versions
- add Gau 19 from von knudenberg

- sniper ski script
- fast roping
- add Gau 19 from von knudenberg

M1161 Growlers
- add Gau 19 from von knudenberg

- animate weapons
- reduce poly count
- MHQ script

- The Lynx model geometry needs fixing
- Viewpilot in the chieftain is stuck facing forwards unless you turn out
- Chally 2 GPMG doesn't move
- Mastiff cargo seats don't work properly and HMG/GMG has shadow bug
- vodnik and tunguska D textures

Edited by eggbeast

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Great work, full of fantastic'ness, not a word, but I'll use anyway.;)

Thanks for sharing.:)

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thanks chris, i'm spending today building my evo mission wit hall that sam and AAA goodness in it gulp...

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