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Ram - How important is it to a server?

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Hey all,

I'm currently looking at this box to house a ArmA 3 dedicated server for my clan. It will be a private server with the max player numbers being around 30 (but that's rare) - Average 10-20.

Intel Xeon L5520 Quad Core CPU with hyperthreading (8 threads).

2GB DDR3 server-grade registered memory.

500GB SATA hard drive.

10TB premium multi-homed bandwidth on a 100mbit port.

Now, the CPU seems to be adequate, it's the ram that has me questioning... Is 2gb enough? Has anyone had any experience of this?

When my clan last had a dedicated server, I can't recall the server using massive amounts of ram, more of the CPU.... But I'm not sure...

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Arma server .exe will use a max of 2GB but it rarely gets that high in my experience. This will depend on the type of mission you are running.. if at all possible I would double your ram to 4GB... this leaves enough for the Arma server as well as your OS overhead (especially if using Windows).

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