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Converting dialog string to object

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I'm working on a GUI control that will allow map click teleport of any connected players. I have script that creates a listbox containing the unit names of each player:

_listboxB = 3100;
_display = _this select 0;
_index = lbAdd [_listboxB, str(_x)]; 
} forEach allUnits;  // <---- this will be changed to only be for playable units once it's working.

(_display displayCtrl _listboxB) ctrlAddEventHandler ["LBDblClick","_this execVM 's\GUI\gui_teleport.sqf'"];

The ctrlAddEventHandler then fires a script when the desired unit is doubleclicked:

//Get the passed ctrl 
_ctrl = _this select 0; 

//Get passed selected index 
_index = _this select 1; 

picked = (_ctrl lbText _index); //This creates the text that was displayed in the listbox index that was selected

onMapSingleClick "picked setPos _pos; true; onMapSingleClick '';";

Here's the problem... the variable, picked, is injected into the teleport code as a string, wrapped in quotes, and I get a script error that it's expecting an object, but got a string. I've been going crazy trying to find a way to remove the quotes so the script will take it, but I've gotten nowhere, and I'm out of ideas.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Try (untested):

picked = call(compile(_ctrl lbText _index));

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