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Multiplayer - Development Build Only! (For now)

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Hello everyone!

As the title very obviously suggests, Take On Mars will feature multiplayer. This applies only to the manned section (rovers would be possible but would take more time).

The multiplayer implementation will include the full feature set of Expedition One, that is, building bases, mining, caring for plants for food, and so on. This means you can drive around mars with a few friends, or build bases and compete for resources.

So, when can you try this you ask?

Right now or in a few weeks. Yes, it is in the development build as I type this, and will be further improved, fixed and released into the main branch in a few weeks. So if you want to give it a go right now, then feel free to opt into the dev build, but be aware that you will most likely encounter many bugs. It is in its initial stages after all.

So who can start a server?

Anyone can simply by pressing start server in the multiplayer menu, however, right now NAT traversal is incomplete, hence those who have their PC connected to the internet via a router will likely not have their server visible to others. This problem will be fixed very soon and can be overcome for now by setting up port-forwarding.

Does the above apply to connecting to a server?

No, you can join any server you can see in the list. You will also occasionally encounter our internal test server, titled "TKOM DEV TEST', and you are free to join in, and will likely encounter us there every now and again.

To opt into the dev build now:

1) Select Take On Mars in your game library and press Properties

2) Select the BETAS tab

3) Select Development in the list, ignoring password input

To set up port-forwarding (bit more tricky and very dependant on service provider and router, but in general):

1) Follow this guide:


2) For the ports, use:

9234 - TCP + UDP (used by the game for communicating with clients)

27019 - TCP + UDP (used to allow clients to find the server)

NOTE: port 27016 changed to 27019 as of 1st august!

So we hope you enjoy this very early, first iteration of multiplayer. There is a lot of work ahead, but will be well worth it. Already we had fun tossing objects at each other and constructing large buildings, and we hope you will too!

Martin Melicharek

(Project Lead)

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holyyyyyyyy sh***********************tttttttttttttttttt******************

its ultra nice news

u surprise me with every update :3

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wanted to create multi game, game crashed, also spawning any manned buggy (sciene cars works) crash game

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Many bugs to fix, we're on them.

Meanwhile, a video from the first public multiplayer test on friday. :)

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Finally :clap: Thanks for the update.

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Finally :clap: Thanks for the update.

Speaking of update :)

Another update to the dev build guys :) Released just now. Here are the changes since the last on friday:

31st July 2014:
- Added 2 more Multiplayer test scenarios (Lyot Crater and Mars Yard)
- Added printable Manned Manoeuvring Unit to the 3D Printer list (WIP!)
- Added printable Scout Buggy to the 3D Printer list (WIP!)
- Added focus zoom to character in 3rd person
- Increased character speeds on Mars
- Improved 3rd person crosshair to be more visible
- Improved character oriented 3rd person camera to be 'over the shoulder' style

30th July 2014:
- Added moving crosshair in 3rd person for character
- Changed targeting of location in rovers via areostationary map to ignore line-of-sight

29th July 2014:
- Added object manipulation and interaction to 3rd person character views
- Added fresnel glow effect to object when highlighted with character
- Improved object highlighting with character, now cursor moves to center of object
- Improved object manipulation weight limits

EDIT: Not mention fixes to all the MP related crashes.

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So another day, another update. Why? Because we finally resolved the issue of our company server not showing up. With this new build it will correctly, and you are very welcome to join :)

Not to mention a few more enticing fixes and improvements. Detailed below:

1st August 2014:
- Changed internal MP port number from 27016 to 27019
- Implemented sending custom animations from server to clients, such as the suffocate animation
- Added 3D seat icon when highlighting a seat in a vehicle
- Added MMU stats, underwater stats, and biosigns to 3rd person character HUD
- Helmet LED light now carried over net
- Fixed helmet glare issue when near, but facing away from lights
- Fixed command console parsing issue where the '-' sign was counted as a separate word

This is very important for those starting their own servers:

- Changed internal MP port number from 27016 to 27019

If you have port forwarding for that port, you must change it to the mentioned 27019.


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Enjoyed my brief foray onto the server this evening, took some video:

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Sorry guys, was incredibly busy implementing and fixing :) The good news is that MP has already come a long way, with today's upcoming build (within an hour or two) bringing 2 crash fixes (including the infamous scenario editor crash, and 3d printer crash) and fully-functional multiplayer saving/loading. Of course many things to improve but it is coming along nicely.

Here is what today's update will bring:

[b]DEV BRANCH UPDATE        22nd August 2014[/b]

22nd August 2014:
- Added info popups in MP to inform players of saving/loading etc
- Fixed major crash that occured sometimes with the 3D printer
- Fixed major crash that occured sometimes when saving in MP and the scenario editor
- Fixed MP client issue where unit storages were not deleted when the unit itself was deleted

21st August 2014:
- Added ability to grab individual parts of vehicles, even in MP
- Throwing view bob now works over MP

And here is a back log of the past few dev updates:

[b]DEV BRANCH UPDATE        20th August 2014[/b]

20th August 2014:
- Fixed issue where building blocks did not set their physics setting correctly in MP
- Net status indicator now shows mean lag if occurring, not just if the misses are above 2
- Set slider motor strength to 0 on clients if not lagging (for all vehicles)

19th August 2014:
- Added saving/loading to MP games, save file sent to all clients, now you won't lose your progress! :)
- Added network connection status indicator to show lag
- Added server enable/disable of admin rights (enables immediate saving/loading etc for the server)
- Synchronized time scale over MP with server

18th August 2014:
- Added voting to MP
- Added temporary respawn button to characters in singleplayer (until features are complete)

17th August 2014:
- Building blocks can now be destructively dismantled by large objects hitting them

15th August 2014:
- Added beds for sleeping in the Manned Mobile Laboratory
- Added healing when lying down

14th August 2014:
- Improved multiplayer vehicle and object simulation by simulating physics in full locally on clients as well

13th August 2014:
- Fixed null pointer crash with Atmospheric Processor

11th August 2014:
- Added Manned Forklift for lifting heavy loads

10th August 2014:
- Added railing for exterior platforms
- Added stackable support pylon for exterior platforms on uplifted areas

8th August 2014:
- Added synchronization of resources in barrels and so on over multiplayer
- Added exterior platform for building connectors between building and raised areas
- Fixed issue where some slots could snap together and cause an irremovable block

7th August 2014:
- Added Ready Room to cooperative mode, where you can choose to spectate or play

6th August 2014:
- Added server-side multiplayer game logging in 'steam/userdata/STEAM ID NO./244030/local/PROFILE NAME/mp_logs/
- Added placeable sci-fi buildings to the scenario Editor

[b]DEV BRANCH UPDATE        5th August 2014[/b]

5th August 2014:
- Added player tag bar (WIP!)
- Fixed stacked remote procedure call related crashes in multiplayer
- Fixed issue where slots remained linked on clients, resulting in the inability to snap them
- Fixed chat icon not appearing from client to client
- Improved player tags

[b]DEV BRANCH UPDATE        4th August 2014[/b]

4th August 2014:
- Added driver and passenger info to player tags
- Added player tags with health info and chat info
- Weather and time now synchronized over multiplayer
- Only Steam name used in multiplayer

Edited by Dram

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Thanks for the update.

Cool bridge fun tonight

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