ADV Move Respawn Marker Script


Belbo Description/Features: This script creates a respawn marker for every player which follows the current group leader of the player after a specified amount of time. The respawn marker is put in place in a radius around the group leader of the player. If the player is group leader, the marker is placed around him. Installation: 1. put the ADV_moveRespMarker.sqf into your missionfolder. 2. put this in your mission's initPlayerLocal.sqf (create if necessary) ////////// ADV_moveRespMarker-Script by Belbo - Start ////////// //[120 = Time until the respawn marker is moved again, 30 = radius around the group leader to place the marker] [120,30] execVM "ADV_moveRespMarker.sqf"; ////////// ADV_moveRespMarker-Script by Belbo - End ////////// 3. Put this in your description.ext: respawn = 3; //respawn type "base" It's recommended, but not necessary to put this in your description.ext as well: respawnDelay = 5; //amount of time for respawning respawnOnStart = 0; //no respawn on start respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"Counter","MenuPosition"}; respawnTemplatesEast[] = {"Counter","MenuPosition"}; respawnTemplatesGuer[] = {"Counter","MenuPosition"}; respawnTemplatesCiv[] = {"Counter","MenuPosition"}; (Take a look at for further information on respawn in Arma 3) 4. Start your mission and never be late to the front again. :) Usage: There's a sample mission included Change log: v1.0.1: - fixed small problem for dead players. v1.0: - Initial release Download Link: - ADV_moveRespMarker.Stratis.rar
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