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Disappearing corpses; Bootcamp Virtual Training.

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I'll make it short.

In "Virtual Training", the enemy AI Entities disappear video game-style upon being killed. I am trying to enable this in the editor, to no avail.

I assumed it was something as easy as adding a Game Logic, but surprisingly not.

Please help.

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in the VR mission it is done like this:

[_unit, nil, 5] call BIS_fnc_VREffectKilled;

but don't ask me what the parameters stand for as it is nothing documented about this function



Author: Karel Moricky


Delete body of a virtual soldier after he's killed



1 (Optional): BOOL - true to delete the body right away, false to add KILLED event handler which will delete it after death

2 (Optional): NUMBER - time in seconds before the body disappears




it seems that the function needs to be executet when the unit is spawned/initialized

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