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22nd Expeditionary Task Force - An ArmA realism unit

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Welcome to the 22ETF Thread.

In this Thread i will tell you something about our Unit.

Our unit is an ArmA realism unit and we are playing tactical in all events.

The clan was founded 2012 on January 1st by veterans from some of the biggest ArmA II communities.

We have events every Friday and Sunday and Members need to sign up if they are coming.

Also we provide a bootcamp for new Recruits who want to play in our unit.

We have 3 stages any Recruit needs to pass to get fully integrated to our unit.

Of course we have a Squad.XML too which all Privates have access too. You get your XML entry after you have been promoted to Private.

Which features we provide?

- Top Level Domain (22etf.com)

- Dedicated ArmA 2 Server

- Teamspeak Server (

Can i join your awesome unit?

Sure! If you are 17 years or older and have a legit copy of ArmA 2 + Operation Arrowhead and Teamspeak plus Microphone / Headset then...

... register your Account at http://22etf.com/

... then copy our recruitment form from http://22etf.com/showthread.php?tid=5

... and then make a new Thread in the Recruitment Office (http://22etf.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=7) and wait for your approval.

We look forward to see ya on our Teamspeak!

Do we play with Mods?:

Of course! We have a repository which is used in a Launcher / Mod-Program called WithSix but works with SixUpdater to!

These repository will auto-update the Modlist in withSix on each client if we made changes to the Modlist.

You can find our Modlists here: http://22etf.com/showthread.php?tid=6

And we also have a Roster...

... which is located here (http://22etf.com/roster.php) and provide Information about our unit members and our Squads.

We got different Squads like 1st Squad, 2nd Squad and also a Rescue Squad!

If you are new to our Unit you will be mostly in the 2nd Squad. But of course you can apply to be a recon or a rescue man.

http://22etf.com/images/infantry.jpg (929 kB)

http://22etf.com/images/recon.jpg (1213 kB)

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