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[COOP12/62/24] Tactical Advance Campaign (Anvil Framework)

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I'd like to announce my entry into the Make ArmA Not War competition. Tactical Advance is a showcase campaign for the Anvil Framework which will come in three parts. The first mission, "NIGHT ASSAULT" has just been released on Steam Workshop. In reality, I'm not really sure whether my entry is a campaign or a new ArmA mission editor, its a bit of both I suppose! The idea of the campaign is to showcase what is possible using the editor, from small missions to large.


NATO forces have been pushed entirely off Altis, and have spent the last few months on Stratis licking their wounds. We can't sit here forever though, and let the CSAT forces on Altis get more and more entrenched. Command has decided its time to act. They have identified almost 200 objectives on Altis that must be captured, and Charlie Company will be just a small part of the massive amphibious invasion force that is being put together.

The Mission:

Our first objective is to gain a foothold on Altis. We will do this through a NIGHT ASSAULT which will aim to disrupt CSAT forces on the South Western tip of Altis sufficiently so that the main force can be landed the following morning.

Secondly, the main force will come ashore and "ADVANCE" across the island in a methodical way. As more terrain and facilities are captured, more assets will be unlocked for use.

Thirdly, once we are able to get our armoured vehicles ashore we will use them as a "SPEARHEAD" to smash open a hole in the CSAT lines.


All missions are being made almost entirely in the Anvil Editor. As new features are becoming available in the editor, they find their way into the missions!

The first mission has just been released on to the Steam Workshop (see link above). The second mission, "Advance" is MASSIVE. I have laid out 192 objectives and have linked them together in a logical way. I'm now in the process of occupying the objectives with enemy infantry and adding some descriptions to objectives so they are a bit more interesting so far I have probably spent 3-4 hours on it - try creating this many objectives in 3 hours with the official editor :). You can see a timelapse of the objectives being placed on the MANW page (possible spoilers, but not really).

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The second mission has shipped for the "Tactical Advance" campaign made using the Anvil Framework and editor. This uses a preview version of the framework, v5.4. This mission is a "prequel" to the campaign as NATO tries to destabilise CSAT forces on Stratis and push them from the island.

Check out the Campaign collection / subscribe on steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=297242670

Or download the mission file here: http://www.anvilproject.com/downloads/files/missions/CO62_AngelFire_0504a.Stratis.pbo

If you like it please support on Make Arma not War!



  • Battle across the entire island of Stratis against hundreds of CSAT infantry, armour and air assets
  • Complete objectives assigned by Anvil Command to destabilise the CSAT forces and win the day
  • Each mission plays through in a different order (random objective order)
  • Unlock a full arsenal of air and land weaponry to crush your enemies
  • 62 player slots (a tacticalgamer.com platoon)
  • Vehicle service, logistics and respawn
  • Revive / Respawn / JIP
  • Supports optional use of Task Force Radio (auto-detected - use the ammobox in infantry resupply area to equip radios if the mod is enabled)

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