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Ruud van Nistelrooy

Can't progress :(

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I'm on this mission (i can't remember the name) and i believe i've finsihed it, but it won't end.

You start having to take out a mansion type building, to provide a safe route for your tank support, then you move down to the base. I have 8 guys left, all standing in the base, every russian is dead, we have gone all over the place in the bmp 2, gone through the woods (quickly though) and we haven't been shot at since we killed the last dude coming from the first counter attack.

I've tried this mission twice now, and in both time i was in the same situation and the mission didn't end.

anyone else have this problem (in the objectives btw i have the 1st objective done, second not done, 3rd done and the 4th not done).

Please take my word that there are no people hiding behind walls on behind bushes on the surrounding hills.

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