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1st Marine Expeditionary Force ACE/ACRE Realism Unit

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[A2] [Recruiting]

1st Marine Expeditionary Force

We consist of Infantry, Aviation, and Armor

Mods: ACE, ACRE, All ACEX, and a few other mods

Language: English

Ranks Imposed: Yes

Location: United States

Time Zone: Operate Things Based On Eastern Time Zone

Teamspeak IP: dfw01.mainvoice.net:7270


The 1st Marine Expeditionary Force is recruiting for players who look toward ultimate realism in the field of combat, we consist of about 30 members and are looking for more. We are always looking to expand our unit and the more we expand the bigger and better we can make our missions and we can open up more of the cooler MOS' that people can apply for.


The requirements to join the unit is that you must be at least 13 and are willing to follow orders and remain serious during operations, training, and deployments. We are a laid back unit so we can have some fun and make some jokes of duty but when it comes down to Deployments, Operations, And trainings we are very serious and do not tolerate messing around or jokes on duty.

Description: The 1st MEF has 3 trainings and 3 Deployments every week with Sundays off for mod fixing or any support needed and for promotions for those who have earned it . All recruits will have to pass Basic Training before they can do any of our Missions or Advanced Individual Training or A.I.T. we also have our Deployments which are a custom made campaigns that continue over a long or short period of time. To be an active member you must be able to attend at least 1 training and 2 deployments every week if you can not you will be placed in The reserved members with exceptions for absence. We will start all Deployments, Trainings, And operations at 6pm eastern time unless said otherwise. All things to do with the times of starting and ending things will be in eastern time zone if you need help look it up or have someone help you we do not strict people to the united states but it can be difficult to work with long range time zones but if you are willing to work with the time difference then so are we but like stated before you must attend at least 1 training and 2 deployments a week.

If you have any more questions or concerns feel free to come and contact us on our teamspeak or our website stated above.

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