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Server hosting Problems Trouble Shooting (not asking how to set it up.)

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I know how to set up a Server. Thats not what I'm asking; I know the community is tired of the question. So the question... My Server was up and running all was fine on Monday (20140623) as well as Tuesday (20140624) But Wednesday its down, Now its down. I think the router changed the IP so I check that, ipconfig, yes it did change the IP No problem right? Nope, wrong..... I go into the router and the Ports are no longer there, So I re-add them with the new IP, 2300 - 2305 UDP 8766 UDP (So you know I did try 2302 to 2305 like it is recommended in the dedicated server thread). When Gamespy was up I didn't have to open ports and what not so I didn't (A2CO and A3), works just fine. Gamespy goes away, Open ports, works just fine. IP Changes, Life ends. I have restarted the Router and nothing. I have Downloaded the Arma 3 Server tool from steam, No Joy. I have done the SteamCMD way, No Joy. Does all the information I have given seem correct?

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.


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