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The W teleporter

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Hey guys!

I was sick of only being able to teleport to specific players set prior to mission start. So I created a tool, which allows you to teleport to any player in the mission with advanced options. What does "advanced options" mean?

You can now, teleport to any availabe vehicle role in a players vehicle. This screenshot will illustrate that a bit:

Click for pic! (154 kB)

I think, that explains it all :)

How to use this:

First, you have to place the W_Teleporter folder in your mission fodler. To use this teleporter you have to place following in the description.ext:

#include "W_Teleporter\dialog.hpp"
class CfgFunctions {

[indent]#include "W_Teleporter\CfgFunctions.hpp"[/indent]


Notice that you are not able to mention the class CfgFunctions {}; twice in your description.ext!

You can turn any object into a teleporter just by calling this little script in the initPlayerLocal.sqf of your mission:

[OBJECTNAME] call FETT_fnc_W_addTeleport;


Have fun with this teleporter!

Best regards,

[W] Fett_Li

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And there's allready a little update.

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