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1st Battalion 6th Marines

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Hello! I am SheepShaving form 1-6MAR, and we are currently recruiting! We have a

website, a TeamSpeak and our Arma 2 server is coming soon! We are recruiting players over the age of 14. We are a relaxed realism group and we mainly focus on having fun, if you are new to ACE, or a seasoned veteran, you are guaranteed to have fun.

We have set ranks and you may choose your own role.

We are a Marine unit.

We have a set of rules which are listed on our website in our forums.

If you wish to join, go on our website and fill out our recruitment form, it takes 1 minute!

If you have any questions, contact an officer or any of the recruitment staff on TeamSpeak

TS3: vs20.tserverhq.com:9229

Website: http://1-6mar.enjin.com/

Thank you for considering us! Feel free to join TeamSpeak after you have submitted your application!


We have re-branded. We are now the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment or 1-6MAR for short!

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14-day rule

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