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How do I create fire with existing Particle Effects?

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Hi there,

I am trying to create a raging assault in a city. Every thing is basically done but I want to set the mood a bit. Therefore I am trying to create a few fires around the town.

I have been playing around with:

helipad: invisible helipad to position the fire in the Editor.

source01 = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal (position helipad);
source01 setParticleClass "ObjectDestructionFire1Smallx";
source02 = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal (position helipad);
source02 setParticleClass "ObjectDestructionSmoke1_2Smallx";
source03 = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal (position helipad);
source03 setParticleClass "ObjectDestructionRefractSmall";

This works quite nice but:

  • I can't change the size of the fire
  • The fire does not emit light (FIXED)
  • can't get "ObjectDestructionSparks" to work

For the first problem I hoped I could use "ObjectDestructionFire1" (BTW found all this in Config-viewer under "configfile >> "CfgCloudlets" )

But it won't burn. I assume it has to do with:

size[] = {"1.2 * intensity + 1.8,"0.1 * intesinty + 0.3"};

in the working "configfile >> "CfgCloudlets" >> "ObjectDestructionFire1Smallx""

size[] = {"1.2 * 1.5 + 1.8,"0.1 * 1.5 + 0.3"};

It seems, that intensity was set to 1.5 in this one.

Sooo... how can I set the intensity for configfile >> "CfgCloudlets" >> "ObjectDestructionFire1" ?

My other questions are:

How can I add a light source to this? (FIXED see below)


How can I add sparks to this fire? ( meaning those glowing flying balls you see when a vehicle explodes and starts burning) I assume it has to do that some values are not set in the config (as in the previous Question).

I have seen others creating new configs? Could someone give me a quick rundown on how to do this and use this? A link maybe with an easy step-by-step explanation maybe?

Thank you for any help on this.


I learned how to do this just now. I added it if someone needs this:

light = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal position helipad;
light setLightBrightness 1.0;
light setLightAmbient [0.0, 1.0, 0.0];
light setLightColor [1.0, 1.0, 0.0];

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Hi Rosentorf

For create a fire use : "test_EmptyObjectForFireBig".

This fire emit light & burn.

"test_EmptyObjectForFireBig" createVehicleLocal (position helipad);

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Hi Rosentorf

"test_EmptyObjectForFireBig" createVehicleLocal (position helipad);

Yeah, I tried that too. Strangely, it did not emit light for me. :confused:

!!!! Aha, just tried it again. It does emit light but it is quite dark. But that is not a problem. With an additional light source I get really nice and bright fires!! :D

Thank you for your reply. What I am looking for right now is the possibility to use the above mentioned particle effects in the config. Especially those nice flying glowing fireballs/sparks you get on wrecks!

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