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Steam Workshop Presenting MP Missions in the SP Scenario Menu

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Is there any way to remove the "Scenario" take from a mission published to Steam Workshop? I've uploaded a few of my missions, and Steam Workshop is adding on the "Scenario" tag to the missions which then allows the game to be loaded from the Scenario menu in game. Problem is, it loads it as a Single Player game which borks up stuff if the mission is built to be multiplayer only.

There's nowhere in the Steam Workshop UI to remove it in the Steam interface, and even though you see 'Scenario' as one of the tags when you publish the mission from A3, but if you 'Edit Tags', there's no way to remove Scenario as a tag.

This has led to multiple comments on my missions where people had issues with the missions because A3 tried to load it in SP mode. Can you guys please fix that?

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