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[WW4 EXT] [SP/MP] Montignac Assault

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Yes, not the most original name ever.

This is yet another variant of a mission I've been creating and recreating for personal use since the beginning of times. One team attacks, one team defends. You are a rifleman in a VDV squad, in singleplayer, or you can also choose to be a member of the resistance in multiplayer (up to 6 players each).

Nothing too fancy, in any case. Just something short and simple that can be replayed every now and then for some quick fun.


  • Short and action packed mission (around 15 minutes)
  • Assault the base as VDV or defend it as a member of the resistance (the latter only in multiplayer)
  • Compatible with both single and multiplayer modes (no respawn)
  • Spectating script on death that works both in single and multiplayer (by Kegetys and Faguss)
  • Make it more challenging by playing in Veteran mode: skill levels are higher and fleeing chance lower for all units
  • All WW4 EXT unit features enabled (rucksacks, tracers, bullet cracks...) except deletion of disposable launchers
  • CAS support requested by the AI for east side
  • Jet flybys for jets and personal menu enabled
  • Cover script by General Barron and Random Building Position by Tophe to help the AI provide a solid static defense
  • kInfoshare script that allows AI units share knowledge about enemy locations
  • DTV script package to activate dynamic speech for all AI units (requires DrongosToolkitVoices.pbo and ECP_DSAI.pbo (found inside ECP))
  • kSuppression script package allows AI units to react to suppressing, incoming fire and grenades


v1.2: http://ge.tt/9Y9LTWk1

There's two versions included in the linked file. The normal one includes all the features mentioned above. The "simple" one has DTV and kSuppression deactivated. Use that one if you don't want to download the required pbos and/or don't want those extra features for whatever reason.

I've also provided both missions unpboed for you to take a look at how things work internally in an easy way. Or to tweak the mission to meet your own preferences or system requirements.

There's quite a lot of units in a relatively small area (about two platoons for each side), so you might find it somewhat sluggish at moments, depending on your system and performance standards. On the other hand, it can be quite spectacular to watch and play through.

FWATCH recommended, just in case you end up being the leader. Being able to use a key to show up the personal menu is a godsend compared with the sluggish action menu method.

Also, if you have the time and will, get both pbos mentioned above so you can activate DTV properly. It really livens up the atmosphere of the mission.

Have fun.



- Reduced change of BRDM platoons to be fully manned

- Res reinforcements transported in cargo should now properly disembark when reaching AO

- Res reinforcement squads now have one more AT unit each

- Res reinforcement truck in west area placed closer to AO

- Uses the new activation logic for jet flyby sounds

- Updated to new version of spectating script


- Added missing picture called from overview.html

- Minor corrections to how overview.html is displayed

Edited by kenoxite
updated to 1.2

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