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Cutting Edge Roleplay presents A brand NEW Island Life Experience!

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Cutting Edge Role-play is a reasonably new community born from two founders whom wished the give the end user (that's you) a 100X better experience when we realised that we could do a much better job at running a server and community than the other groups and communities that are out there! Here's How:

1. Promoting people that ENJOY HAVING FUN. Does it really get any simpler than that? Why do you play games? I'm pretty certain the main reason is to have fun.

2. By using the very best and technologically advanced Servers, rented from premium sellers! which means our servers will only ever go down if one of the founders makes them.

3. Programmers with a combined knowledge of well over 10 years! meaning that you'll always be playing the very best missions, with literally everything customised.

4. Giving power to YOU. The gamers. We want your input on literally everything, if you're not happy about something. TELL US. there's little to no way of us knowing otherwise, we are human, so sometimes we make mistakes.

5. Finally it's all down to how you play your games, whether you prefer to be a lone wolf and go it alone, or recruiting tons of your friends to create the biggest and most powerful army on the Island. The main reason the founders work so hard is so YOU have fun. It really is as simple as that.

As we have just launched, I am offering ALL new players a 25K cash bonus on our Island Life server, just join this website and make sure you're on the TS to get it :)

Also I have made a Steam group for the people that either don't enjoy using Enjin or would rather have everything a little closer to hand, which is totally fine. You can join that as well for the 25K cash incentive.....

But join both so you get a 50K total bonus ;)

So if you're interested, please come join us! everyone is really friendly and the admin team is constantly at your beck and call to help in any way possible!

Have a great day!

There are some awesome plans in the works, from real world events on our servers to special items going to be added. Remember where you can find us:

Teamspeak: CER.ts3dns.com

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CERPS

Arma 2 Island life server Filter: CER.ts3dns.com

Reece - Founder of Cutting Edge RolePlay

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