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Adding vehicle weapons not functional in MP

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First off, please excuse my ignorance I am a novice scripter at best and know precious little about vehicle modding.

I've been fiddling with the new karts a lot.. and being a huge fan of Celery's Road Rage missions for Arma 2 I was thinking of trying my hand at a similar mission except using karts instead of UAZs.

Looking through some other missions both new and old I've been able to do some fun stuff like add nitro boost to the karts and the ability to drop smoke grenades (if only there was a banana peel and turtle shell model in A3 :p).

I tried adding weapons (LMG) to the karts using addWeapon which works great in SP. However on dedicated servers the other players cannot hear the weapon firing nor can they see the bullet tracers.. but they CAN see the bullet impacts and certainly get killed if hit by a bullet.

Now I know that this was not the case in Arma 2 using the UAZ (the one with the turret in the back) so my guess is that because the karts don't actually have a turret in their config the weapon I add is somehow not being broadcast to all clients? Or maybe there is another difference with Arma 3 and how it handles adding weapons to vehicles and I just can't figure it out? Any advice would be appreciated!!

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