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Briefing Manager Problem

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Hello, I've got a problem. I've recently downloaded Alimag's Briefing Manager. I started to create mission. OK. Started to create tasks and notes. OK. Then took a look at the files to set when task could end. Here's the problem. I saved the files then turned on the game again. Nothing even appears! I deleted the files, and created it again without editing the files by myself - still nothing, but was working previously! Created second mission, created tasks, notes with the briefing manager... NOTHING! I've created third mission - Somehow... It worked! Any idea what can be wrong with my first and second missions?

P.S - I created files called "Briefing.sqf" and "init.sqf", so what could be wrong? I'll post down my briefing.sqf, got original copy of Arma 2 OA (Bought from Steam)

// A2BM W 110


waitUntil {!(isNull player)};

waitUntil {player==player};

switch (side player) do


case WEST:


player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Backup","Your only's backup is Bravo team."]];

player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Briefing","You, sgt. Patrick Scott with your team callsing "Bullethole" are being put in operation "Armed Deal". Check documents for your tasks.<br/>After Alpha team's fail, Russia has over-taken the Chernarus. We must capture it by any means possible. You're cleared to engage, all civilians have moved to another country till operation ends."]];

MAG_tskObj8=player createSimpleTask ["Move to FOB New York"];

MAG_tskObj8 setSimpleTaskDescription ["","Move to FOB New York","Move to FOB New York"];

MAG_tskObj7=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Novy Sobor"];

MAG_tskObj7 setSimpleTaskDescription ["","Clear Novy Sobor","Clear Novy Sobor"];

MAG_tskObj6=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Stary Sobor"];

MAG_tskObj6 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Stary Sobor","Clear Stary Sobor","Clear Stary Sobor"];

MAG_tskObj5=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Rogovo"];

MAG_tskObj5 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Rogovo","Clear Rogovo","Clear Rogovo"];

MAG_tskObj4=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Pogorevka"];

MAG_tskObj4 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Pogorevka","Clear Pogorevka","Clear Pogorevka"];

MAG_tskObj3=player createSimpleTask ["Regroup with Bravo"];

MAG_tskObj3 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Regroup with Bravo<br/>","Regroup with Bravo","Regroup with Bravo"];

MAG_tskObj2=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Pustoshka"];

MAG_tskObj2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Pustoshka","Clear Pustoshka","Clear Pustoshka"];

MAG_tskObj1=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Vybor"];

MAG_tskObj1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Vybor","Clear Vybor","Clear Vybor"];

MAG_tskObj0=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Lopatino"];

MAG_tskObj0 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Lopatino","Clear Lopatino","Clear Lopatino"];


case EAST:










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