Aerial Denial Script by Grumpy Old Man

Tired of nasty pilots unloading troops right in the middle of an AO?

Got a score to settle with that filthy Kajman?

Want to show off in the next duck hunting season?

This script will put an end to all of your issues, force pilots to carry a second pair of pants and spawn static weapons armed with 35mm autocannons on predefined marker locations. It's pretty easy to use and should work fine in multiplayer. Copy this into a file and name it GOM_fnc_AD.sqf: Usage: place markers and name them, i.e.: noflyzone1, noflyzone2 etc. Call this file from where you seem fit with a line like this: nul = [["noflyzone1","noflyzone1","noflyzone3","noflyzone4"],3,50,west] execVM "GOM_fnc_AD.sqf"; param1 = array of markers where AA units should be placed param2 = amount of AA units to place on each(!) marker (don't go nuts with this, even 5 units per marker will annihilate any aircrafts) param3 = occupied area (should be 50 or higher for effectiveness) param4 = side of the AA units (west,east,resistance) If you need to delete all AA units simply use: {deletevehicle _x} foreach GOM_list_ADunits; note: be careful when placing the markers since the engagement range can be really high

Feel free to use!

Enjoy! Edit: Added all units to an array for easier deletion.