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dragon zen

cfgRecoil, still confused with the mechanism

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Hi friends:

I'm studying the cfgRecoil but I still feel confused with it after searching information.

I know 3 elements as one anim, and I saw the first is time (seconds??), second is back offset (meter), and third is rotation speed upwards (radiant). Example:

assaultRifleBase[] =






What I'm confused is that, how does it work? 5 Questions here:

First: second line "0.06,0.01,0.01", it is 0.06 second * 0.01 upwards = 0.0006, OR, upwards 0.01 within 0.06 seconds?? In addition, it is relative to last animation, or relative to init position?? (In another word, line 3, based on line 2 or based on line 1??)

Second: we know all rifle climb up when firing, but why there is -0.02 in third line? drop down??

Third: how burst or continuous firing influence the data?? For example, only calculate line 2 line 3 and not line 4 because of time limitation??

Fourth: most rifles not only climb up, but also move rightward when firing, is there a variable for this? or just multiple an index from upwards?

Fifth: For some MG, the recoil = "empty" and recoilprone = "". And in CfgRecoil there is "1/10 machingun" or sth like that, how does it work??

Well, because the recoil is so important in any FPS game, I hope we can make it very clear. So put forward lots of questions. By the way, I don't know how to edit these cfg variables so I cannot make experiment by myself, I only want to know how to calculate, in fact, I want to present the information of weapons in dialogs when edit my mission.

Thanks friends


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