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As the banner above says, we are FUSION and we are looking for players to join us in some PvP fun.

We have been playing ArmA games since the OFP days way back in 2002. Over time we have managed to build a mature and fun community of ArmA players. Here are some of the values we hold:

• We play ArmA for fun, we play it as a game and not as if we are soldiers - That’s not to say we don’t play tactically because we do, but we don’t have ranks or call signs, we just have fun playing the game.

• We are a mature group, everybody is 18+.

• We play in a relaxed environment, we know when to take things seriously however we all enjoy a joke/banter.

• Everybody is welcome. We understand that real life comes first, regular attendance is preferred but it isn’t absolutely required.

We play regularly every week. Our training days are Tuesday and Thursday and we have either a Clan V Clan match on Sundays or we split into teams. We start at 20:00 GMT/21:00CET on all nights listed.

So after reading about us and if you’re still interested how would you join us?

Firstly we have a website and forums, this would be your first point of contact where you can fill in a Recruitment form. Here is the link to our forums.

After you have submitted your Recruitment Form an admin will reply to you as soon as you can, in the mean time you can feel free to introduce yourself in the general discussion area.

Once your Recruitment Form has been answered you are ready to go, hop onto our TeamSpeak Server on any of the nights listed above. A working mic is preferred however it is not required.

To find our game server just filter ‘FUSION’ and it should come up, you will be given the password in TeamSpeak. Our game server has very good performance as we have direct links with a great hosting company.

Things we require from you if you want to join FUSION:

• ArmA 3 & TeamSpeak – No addons needed,

• To sign up to our forums for news and updates,

• Over 18,

• Able to speak and understand English,

• Preferably from Europe due to time zone constrictions but not required,

• Attend at least one session a week if possible.

I look forward to see you all on the battlefield!

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Hello guys,

Hello dude,

I'm part of 2RGT (www.secondoreggimento.it) team and we are looking for someone able to kick our @s.

I'll try to contact you on your web site to arrange a PvP if you're still available... :)



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Hello everyone, a lot of things have happened in FUSION this past month.

We managed to play a few matches on a Sunday with BA - Brothers of Asgard. - We had a good turn out for this of around 20 players in all.

On the map making side we have had a total of 6 new maps created by our FUSION members. Most testing is complete and they are ready to be used in PvP.

We are still looking for a squad to go up against on Sundays - you can contact us on our forums here.

Any players interested in joining us are welcome too! Just follow this link and sign up here.

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Hi HennoGarvie,

We are UKFRG http://ukfrg.com/index.php Maybe we could set up a TvT in the coming weeks? we play Hard core 1 life games with Task force radio, We could probably field 12-15 guys of mixed ability. Maybe we could meet on TS for a chat?

---------- Post added at 10:33 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:31 AM ----------

ts.ukfrg.com is our TS addy.

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So last night we had a great CTF match with PE. We managed to just get one more flag overall which allowed us to win the game however it was a very close match partly due to darkness of the FUSION made map we played.

We are still training on Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays at 8PM GMT and we will be hopefully arranging another match with PE on their server this time.

If anyone wishes to join FUSION for some some clan PvP with a friendly squad then you can still sign up here

Any clans wishing to play against us can either post on our forums here or you can add me on steam: henno_garvie1.

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