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Help pulling the fragments together!

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<g> Hello.

I've been trying for two days to work this out on my own by searching and modifying stuff, but apparently I'm not bright enough (or lucky enough) to hit upon the proper formula. The goal? I'd like to get my Take On Helicopters Rearmed install to use some of the mods that I'm reading about in the Mods section.

The details:

Steam version of Take On Helicopters

Steam version of Take On Helicopters Hinds

Steam version of Arma 2

Steam version of Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead

So they are all working together fine as long as I don't go modifying anything. So the base product is well integrated and working as advertised (ie: I can fly TOH helicopters in the Arma 2 maps).

Now, my problems started when I saw Blake's cool looking autopilot thread: HERE!

The first problem is that the link to his mod is down and the only one I have been able to find is the one he made for Arma 2..which apparently isn't the same as the one for TOH because if I load it I get some gibberish at the top of the autopilot panel:


So if anyone has the link to the TOH version - I'd be very grateful.

Second problem is - I'm still unsure which exact version of CBA I should be using. It is my understanding I need the one that contains: @CBA, @CBA_A2, @CBA_OA, and CBA_TOH. I was able to find a version of CBA that included all of those HERE but here is where I run into more problems.

This is what I have in my Steam modified launch options setting..

"-mod=@CBA;@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA;@CBA_TOH;f:\steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2;f:\steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead;f:\steam\steamapps\common\Take On Helicopters;Rearmed"

When I do that, all the CBAs load, but I get the following errors on load-up:





And on exiting a mission:


So does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Do I need a different version of CBA or something? And does anyone have a working link or file for Blake's autopilot for TOH?

Thanks for helping me out. I've been working on this all night and only getting incrementally closer to a solution.. <g>


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