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1st Parachute Brigade [British / I44] - Recruiting!

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What is the 1st PB?

1st PB is a tactical realism unit. We play Arma2:CO on the Invasion 1944 mod, as British Paratroopers.

Founded in 2013 we have been going for about 1 and a half years. Although recently we decided to change things about.

We had to, wipe the roster and start fresh we allow some of the old guys to stay but only if they provide towards the unit.

Our Goals

Our goals as a unit is to provide a fun but realistic experience in Arma 2:CO I44 mod. We have a dedicated server and a 100 Slot teamspeak.

All of our leaders have experience.

- Provide a realistic Atmosphere

- Create Friendship and teamwork

- To have fun

- And above all be the best

What do we do?


We have a team of mission makers who try to make at least 2 - 3 missions a week for you to be able to play and enjoy.

Going from assaulting a bridge to a full scale para-drop.

This also includes operations which will invole the whole unit and will be a set task of objectives we have to accomplish over a couple of weeks/months.


We do TvT/PvP against other units to see if our skill is up to the task. And prove ourselves to be the best.

This adds competitiveness and adds more than just playing against the A.I.

How to join us?

Join our teamspeak @

Go on our forums @ http://1stparachutebrigade.boards.net/

Please advise if you are not dedicated we suggest you do not continue and look elsewhere.

Signed Sgt. Quinn [1st PB]

1 Section IC


1st Parachute Brigade Roster

'A' Company

Company CO - Vacant

Company XO - Vacant

Company CSM - Vacant

Company RTO - Vacant

1st Platoon

Platoon CO - Lt Tarquin, W

Platoon Sgt - A/Sgt Bell, J

Platoon Signaller - LCpl Smith, S

Platoon Orderly - LCpl. Adams, T

Platoon Pathfinder - LCpl. Richard, J

1 Section

Section Leader - Cpl Pynee, J

Secondary - LCpl Graham, J

Signaller - Pte. Davis

Riflemen - Pte. Kelly, S

Riflemen - Pte. Johnsen, A

Rifleman - Pte. Baskin, J

Rifleman - Pte. Steel, M

Rifleman - Pte. Partington, C

Rifleman - Pte.Boyd, S

Marksman - Pte. Tabios, D

Machine Gunner - Pte. Walrus, L

Machine Gunner - Vacant

MG Ass./SMG - Vacant

2 Section

Section Leader - Cpl. A. Dylan

Secondary - Pte. Abbeel, K

Signaller - Pte. Shields, A

Riflemen - Pte. Eddie

Riflemen - Pte. Marrinan, L.

Rifleman - Pte. Burrows, J

Rifleman - Pte. Bostock, B.

Rifleman - Pte. Baines, N

Rifleman - Vacant

Marksman - Vacant

Machine Gunner - Pte. Telos

Machine Gunner - Vacant

MG Ass./SMG - Vacant

'P' Company Recruits

RCT. Petro

RCT. Dempsey

RCT. Blackburn

RCT. Xanderphanlia


C/Sgt. Quinn

Platoon Size = 29/35

Company Size = 29/105

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