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17. Panzer Division Iron Front /Arma 2 CO WWII Eastern Front Realism Unit

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17. Panzer Division


To the future recruits of the triumphant 17. Panzer-Division! We ask that you give your full attention towards us, your potential Waffenbrüder. As your Offiziers, we only request simple tasks from you all.

To be a Soldat in our victorious division, you must show exceptional qualities that other Soldaten do not have. In order to fight the enemy alongside us, you will need to have the will to venture in what may be the worst of terrains, and never cease to march through the snow, the rain, the sand, and through the pain.

What we seek in a Rekrut:

Loyalty and Reverence: The first thing we look to in our division is loyalty. We fight faithfully for our fatherland, and we fight until every drop of blood has been spilt. Loyalty fuels our division, so do not do something foolish that you would not do for the Reich. Next, we face towards reverence at all costs. We want every Soldat to feel at ease aside their Kameraden. The lives of your brothers should be greatly cherished, as our troops are essential to our very being. It is expected that you treat your division generously with respect and immense honor.

Rationality and Discipline: To be a Soldat of the Reich, you must be rational. You must have a strong sense of reason and or logic. Having vast knowledge of your terrain, your tactics, and the enemy will aid our succession in the war. We have to outsmart the enemy at all costs, so it is crucial for you to use your brain. In addition, discipline will assist in our progression as a Division. As a Soldat of the Reich, you must obey and abide by the rules, remain chivalrous and fight with fortitude throughout each and every battle.

And lastly, training must never be voided—the more you know, the more you are capable of accomplishing in the 17. Panzer-Division!


We're a realism unit looking to employ the use of tactics, strategy, and rank within an environment that is structured yet fun. You will need to go to our forums to sign up, URL below.


-A working microphone

-You need to own Arma 2 CO

-You need to have TeamSpeak 3 installed and working on your PC.

-Must register with your German forename and surname and use a German Soldier photo as your icon. If you need help finding one, leave it blank, and ask an officer for help.

-You're at least 15 years of age. [Exceptions can be made, contact an officer for more infomation.]

-You do not, and have not hacked in any of the previously stated games.

-Aren't racist, sexist, homophobic or just a generally terrible person. We want all members to show respect towards each other so that we can maintain a fun, comfortable environment.

-Understand that this is a NON-POLITICAL DIVISION and will not tolerate any references to Neo-Nazi or Fascist organizations/individuals.

-You aren't a poor sport. We won't win every battle, and considering we're a German unit, we won't win the war either. So don't take losses personally. In the end, we're here to have fun.

Contact Info:

Website: http://17panzerdivision.enjin.com/

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TurkishSoap/

1.Gruppenführer: Unterfeldwebel Hans Leiter AKA TurkishSoaps:

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