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Combat Royale

Altis and Stratis versions.


This multiplayer mission is a 1-40 player game mode, with up to 20 AI combatants (optional). The original idea was based on the Battle Royale movie and yes, it was originally called Battle Royale (more on that later). There are 100 zones on the map that are slowly progressing from a green (safe) to yellow (evacuation) to red (restricted = death by explosion). Each player spawns into the map via a Halo jump, carrying a random weapon (Host configurable). Players must deploy their parachute, hunt for a vehicle or one of 3-6 crates randomly parachuted into the map and the find other players to kill. The crates will hold weapons, items, etc. There is one zone, coloured blue that is a safe haven from zone deterioration and will also host a single, non-spawning, crate thats hidden. This will contain some rare weapons and equipment to gain an advantage.

Features current include:

  • 1-40 Human Play Combatants.
  • 0-20 AI Combatants.
  • 0-20 Vehicles spawned randomly on the map.
  • 3/6 Crates spawned onto the map.
  • 100 zones, 3 variations on starting position (Host parameter).
  • Crates will detonate after a set time and respawn in new location.
  • Zones deteriorate over time, forcing players to keep moving.
  • Top 5 player scoreboard.
  • Player positions updated at regular intervals (Host parameter).
  • Respawn on death, 60 second timeout, with another halo drop on spawn.
  • Join In Progress support.
  • Random zone bombing to add some tension.
  • Game ends when 8 zones remain (server should restart mission or change map - depending on server setup).

I'm looking into adding a "Marked for death" feature that will update the positions of the top 3 players every second (like the vehicle positions) to turn the most skilled hunters into the hunted!

I have one official server running the game mode on Altis (search for "Combat Royale"). It does not require any downloads/mods to play and my server will prohibit client side mods too.



I originally made a private multiplayer mission for Arma 2 that was based on Battle Royale, which worked in a similar fashion and used the UTES island. I never published it, however when the Steam workshop was opened up. I started migrating the game mode into Arma 3. I then discovered the entertaining mod : PlayerUnknown's Battle Royale, after getting a lot of confused comments from gamers subscribing to my "Battle Royale" and confusing it with the mod. I then changed the name of my mission to Combat Royale to avoid confusion and thankfully my version plays a little differently to PlayerUnknown's version so we can both offer different experiences.


If you like what you have read or played, why not show me a little support by voting for my entries below?

Combat Royale on Statis

Combat Royale on Altis

Any support or feedback is always welcome and appreciated!


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