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Problem with an Armaholic map

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I don't know how to make maps nor interested to but I have a problem with this map, and I thought it would be the best to get some help from experienced mappers (or however I can call you :D).

Basicly, this map screws up the game. I mean, whenever you enter a server's lobby there's a huge window that reads "Multiplayer Setup", and beneath it there's a text "Rules for BLUFOR".

When loading a map / game, there's a "loading" text in the middle of the screen (that usually does not appear) and the gear menu's gui ingame got a green shader of gear gui.

I am trying to port this map to my DayZ mod but it appears the problem also happens on a clear Operation Arrowhead game for some reasons, it must be something in the files themselves but I don't know how to mess with it.

Besides those graphical issues it's all working fine. Even in my dayz mod zombies are spawning and loot's also spawning but that is not related to here.

Can anyone please help me, I want to clear the PBO files so it will only consist the map itself and the objects, without any graphical interventions.

Edit - I also have some screenshots of the problem (it is taken from my dayz mod but still occurs on Operation Arrowhead):

1. http://imgur.com/ehGoKox.png - That's what I see in the server's lobby.

2. http://i.imgur.com/ydgY6e7.png - That's what I see in the loading screen (Look at the middle of the screen, there's a "loading" text that is unusual.

3. http://imgur.com/R5o56A9.png - That's what I see on the gear menu (I have no items due to a bug that was in my mod at first, but that's not my top priority right now).

thanks in advance

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Wrong forum and unless you have the original creators consent you probably shouldn't.

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