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Ruin your copy of Arma and your PC.

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This is quite nice. I was wondering if there is a way of just tweaking the shadowviewdistance and leave everything else intact. As in, can you guys give me a scripting command or something similar? Do I have to go into some hidden config files?

Anyways, it's cool to see what ArmA 4 should be capable of :), keep up the good work.

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Cool... Is it possible to do terrain detail distance to match viewDistance ?

Draw grass to 2k for example.

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Overall : 6000

Object : 3000

Shadow : 200

42 fps

http://i.imgur.com/hiaBXuw.jpg (488 kB)


Overall : 20000

Object : 20000

Shadow : 1000

5 fps :p

http://i.imgur.com/CrwW8AJ.jpg (498 kB)

Also sorry I use @babe_midtex because I can't stand the fugly midrange texture from BIS.

Interesting, I would say that the high setting only improves the nearby boulder/rock formation about 30 m ahead. Not much visible improvement on longer distances. And since that rock is clearly within object range in both settings, the shadow setting must be deciding factor for which LOD you get for the boulder. So for stuff to look nice in the vicinity around you, go with high shadow and leave the rest. At least that is my take on it. Thanks for the comparison


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