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Welcome to Control: Altis.

I have created the very first Real Time Strategy game within Arma taking the game to a new level. I saw a lot of people discussing the possibility of using Zeus to create a RTS mission, but no one had come through and built it.

Well I did, and I am here to share it with all of you, as I hope you will share it if you enjoy it also.

This gamemode is tailored for 3 players, but I have recently added in another 4 slots per side, for those wishing to play too, as ground units.

You play as Zeus, the commander of your side. Your job, is to take control of Altis, and destroy your two enemies.

There are sectors to fight over, which boost your resource income and allow you to edit in those areas to gain the tactical advantage.

ZeusRTS: http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/sCUBialMu8#.U3EE3PldUmM

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=255551797

I have also created a Stratis version which can be found in my workshop.

This gamemode is being worked on everyday if I have the chance, and is growing bigger and better at the same pace.

It's been up for 9 days and has over 3,100 subscribers and growing.


Mission Parameters - Control your resource income speed; Change Weather; Set start time etc.

Unit Areas - Capture Airfields for cheaper/unlock aircraft; Capture Factories for cheaper/unlock Tanks etc.

Superpowers - Zeus Bolt usage perhaps? 230 Rocket Barrage? Expanding on this.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this, and if you do, please give some support!


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Control Altis has Finally been updated!

It's been a long and grueling while since this has happened, I know. BUT! The wait has not been in vain! A lot of new things have been added and changed that I'm sure you will love!


- Oil fields: Gain a foothold in Altis and start racking in those points! These FOUR areas must be reinforced from afar as you cannot build units in there!

- Fog of War: There is now a fog of war! This addition to Control Altis really sets the theme of RTS and boosts the gameplay. You can no longer see enemy units unless they are within a certain range.

(NOTE: This addition is still under work. Please report any bugs into the associated forum.)

- Buildings!!: One I have personally been greatly looking forward to. Buildings. You now start with a handful of units, to gain more, you must build! Switch the empy tab, then structures.

--BARRACKS: Build this first. This gives you access to all Infantry. Be warned, if you dont build it first, and instead build a hanger for example, no one can pilot the aircraft! Which means air assets will NOT unlock!

--BUNKER: Your road to Tanks. With this building, you are able to build Armoured units. Tanks Tanks Tanks!

--OFFICES: Want to get your eyes in the sky? With the building, it gives you access to UAVs to keep a close eye on your enemies!

--HANGER: What more can be said? This is the home to all aircraft for your faction. Build it and rule the skies!


- Sectors: Three sectors have been removed to add to gameplay value. But fear not! You have gained capturable Oilfields to bolster your income! And four sectors stilll remain!


- Income: Points have been dramatically dropped. Your income at the start is slow. But capture those points and they'll be non stop! As all RTS games should be, I feel that the beginnings of each game should feel a bit slow. Building 1 or 2 rifleman at the start is classic RTS! But build those buildings, capture those points, and you'll soon have a mighty and formidable Army at your control!



Many many many...


Many bug fixes.

And a lot more!!

I do apologise to everyone who has supported me, how long this update has taken. But wish to thank each and every one of you for your patience!

As always, if there are any bugs or anything that you find, please post in the threads!

Also, our MAKE ARMA NOT WAR entry has BEEN PROMOTED! Thank you to everyone that has supported!

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