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Cezary Gaska

runaway not visible on the map in game

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Hello everyone..

I just made some map 200km \200km i have some building and trees on it..

Everything works fine but..

When i try zoom in the map in the game or in the editor there is no runaway on it.

All roads are, but runaway not..

I did put invisible roads over the runaway ...

should i put them under the runaway?...

Also the grid on the map in editor showing 95 42 and when zoom in

its showing like 951 421 so its working good...but

when i try to do that on the map in the game it is impossible to zoom in so much like in the editor so grid are not readable, they looks like one number is on the other

so i can't read them, its only possible to read them without zooming in..

Help pls...


Cezary Gaska..

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