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EVH: handleDamage: No Fire Damage

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Hello people,

could you tell me how to make fire not damage units?

I wanna reduce / completely eliminate the damage burning cars do to units..

Best Regards

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You're simply going to have to do some testing to see if you can reliably filter that out.

Use a script that gives you feedback on what the eventhandler detects.:

this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", "player sideChat format['Dmg: %1, source:%2, p:%3',_this select 2,_this select 3,_this select 4]"];


With a bit of luck, you might get useful information from these two:

source: Object - The source unit that caused the damage.

projectile: String - Classname of the projectile that caused inflicted the damage. ("" for unknown, such as falling damage.)

Chances are however that you won't be able to differentiate between burn-damage and other environmental damage.

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