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1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Recruiting!

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Hello. I am Lieutenant Colonel Kenny, I am the founder of the 1st SFOD. We are recruiting and we do pure realism and don't accept any slackers and trolls, this special forces detachment is not run by little kids it is run by mature able to roleplay and some ex military soldiers. Our unit is based off the 1990-2000 Special Forces Detachment, we have about 15 people but we would like to grow to more than just a tiny unit. If we were able to secure a good amount of people we would be able to do Ranger units on the side and have some pretty good operations. If you would like to join us here is our teamspeak, once you poke a recruiter and they will respond to you within a minute or two and they will help you with the mods and what times are good for you with training and how we work and where you would fit best in the unit.

Teamspeak 3 IP: ny.jestservers.com:7009

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