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32 Commando Royal Marines Is Recruiting!

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32 Commando Royal Marines Is Recruiting!

The 32 Commando Royal Marines is a newly formed ARMA 2 group With 14 members that focuses on tactical realism and military planning, without getting bogged down in pedantic realism and compulsory training. We encourage teamwork as well as a friendly and mature atmosphere. The 32 Commando Royal Marines has a simplified military rank structure based loosely on the ranks of the British Armed Forces.

What We Offer

-Team Speak 3 Server

-Our Own Game Server

-Realistic Gaming

-Friendly and Mature Atmosphere


-PlayWith6 Mod Repository

What You Need to Join

-Meet Minimum age requirement of 16 (With very very rare Exceptions at our discretion)

-Time and Will to participate every Sunday in group Mission/Meeting (Starts 6PM GMT)

-Working Microphone in good condition

-Must Maintain Activity to prevent Demotion (Two out of every four missions)

-Communicative English


Website: http://32commando.iclanwebsites.com/

Add one of us on steam if your looking to join! :)



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