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1st Special Tactics Squadron

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1st Special Tactics Squadron (USAF Realism)


"No Mission Too Difficult"


"Shadow Slayers"

Who We Are:

Established in June of 2013 and revived by the original Squadron Commander, the 1st Special Tactics Squadron is an Arma 3 MilSim unit that focuses on recreating the training, tactics, and joint-unit/service operations that real Battlefield Airmen experience all around the world in combat.

Squadron Organization:

We follow the real structure of a Special Tactics Squadron, which has a small Headquarters element (example, a Squadron Commander and Squadron First Sergeant) and 2 or more Flights. The Flight consists of two or more Airmen as a minimum and is more typically 2 or more Elements ("Squads" in Army and Marine Corps terms).


Enlisted AFSCs are as follows:

1C2X1- Combat Control (CCT)

1C3X1- Command Post

1C4X1- Tactical Air Control Party (TACP)

1N0X1- Operations Intelligence

1T0X1- Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE)

1T2X1- Pararescue (PJ)

3N0X2- Broadcast Journalist

3N0X5- Photojournalist

3P0X1- Security Forces

Officer AFSCs are as follows:

10C0 - Operations Commander

11SX- Special Operations Pilot

13CX- Special Tactics Officer

13DX- Combat Rescue Officer

13LX- Air Liaison Officer

14NX- Intelligence

31PX- Security Forces

35PX- Public Affairs


For new Trainees, they will go through Basic Military Training to prove that they are capable of operating maturely and responsibly as a member of a team within the Squadron. Once accepted, our new virtual Airmen go through a realistic recreation of their AFSC-specific Technical Schools. Officer Trainees will go through the Officer Training School and their AFSC-specific follow-on Schools/Courses. We also have advanced training that includes the Army's Airborne Course, Air Assault Course, Pathfinder Course, and Ranger School- just to name a few. Apply at: http://1ststs.enjin.com/home


Conduct global special operations missions ranging from precision application of firepower to infiltration, aviation, foreign internal defense, ex-filtration, and resupply and refueling of SOF operational elements.

Applicant Requirements:

Must be 18+ years old (exceptions can be made)

Must have ArmA 3

Must have TeamSpeak3

Must have Task Force Radio

If you have questions, are interested in joining, or would simply like to request the assistance of the 1 STS- please feel free to message me here, or click the link at the top of the page and register on our forums to ask me there.

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